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Greg's Questionable Judgement

Seattle to Minneapolis-St. Paul

By Gregory Garceau
1,937 miles (3,117 km) over 40 days between Jul. 20, 2013 and Aug. 28, 2013
A Prelude to the Original Introduction Followed By the Original Introduction heart 3
Define "Bike" heart 2
Notes From a Flatlander Trying to Prepare For His First Bike Experience in the Mountains heart 2
Seattle, Washington: A Couple of New Developments heart 2
Day One: You Probably Think I Quit Already heart 10
An Impenetrable Darkness heart 9
Fear the Bear! heart 6
One Seriously Hot Day of Riding heart 13
A Difficult Parental Decision heart 9
A Full Day in Spokane heart 2
There WILL Be Consequences heart 4
Two Good Places to Use Nature's Restroom and a Bad Place to Repair Another Flat heart 4
A Cuckoo On Lake Koocanusa heart 3
Possibly the Greatest Wildlife Experience of My Life heart 3
My Own Personal Rainbow Festival heart 5
Just One Thing After Another heart 3
More Hiking Than Biking heart 6
All of the Pain, None of the Reward heart 3
Don't Disrespect the Cow heart 2
A Companion for the Day heart 3
F. Scott Fitzgerald and David Lynch heart 4
Examples of Photographic Incompetence heart 3
A Desperate Kind of Town heart 2
Me vs. Mosquitoes heart 4
Some Prose in Praise of My Prairie Camp heart 3
Monsters On Wheels heart 2
Don't Expect Me to Master Japanese Poetry heart 3
Badlands Are Goodlands heart 5
Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky Gets Cocky heart 4
A Case of Untempered Enthusiasm heart 5
A High-Class Neighborhood heart 5
Holstein Nation heart 3
Unable to Resist BBQ heart 5
A One and a Two . . . Let's Polka! heart 5
The Honey Hub heart 2
Biker Me, Motorist Me, Wacky Me heart 6
I Hate Discrimination heart 2
The Worldly Traveler heart 3
My Eyeballs Were Temporarily Separated From Their Sockets heart 3
Corn heart 3
A Bad Influence heart 4
The Horrible Fates of Animals On Minnesota Roads heart 4
Horses Are Not Above the Law! heart 2
Fighting Back Tears heart 4
The Conclusion and The Map heart 6