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An Unbelievable Tour Around An Imaginary World

I Can Do It

By Gregory Garceau
32 days between Mar. 1, 2023 and Apr. 1, 2023
Look At ME, I'm Going to Ride Around the World! heart 37
What the Holy Hell is Going On Here? heart 9
It's All About The Route heart 37
My Least Favorite Subject heart 35


DAY ONE: Off to See the World heart 38
DAY TWO: Border Scofflaw heart 25
DAY THREE: Even MORE Northiness heart 32
DAY FOUR: A Whole Lotta White heart 37
DAY FIVE: I Almost Kissed the Siberian Ground heart 30


DAY SIX: Blazing Through East Asia heart 33
DAY SEVEN: To the Top of Greg-World heart 48
DAY EIGHT: A Rescue and a Brush With Culinary Fame heart 49
DAY NINE: In Need of a Ride to the Next Continent heart 85
DAYS TEN, ELEVEN & TWELVE: A Pirate's Life For Me heart 39


DAY THIRTEEN: I Need a Hand, Not a Hook heart 19
DAY FOURTEEN: Into the Nullarbor heart 23
DAY FIFTEEN: Wildlife and Wild Life heart 37


DAY SIXTEEN: A Cycletourist's Crossroad heart 29
DAY SEVENTEEN: Penguins, Among Other Things heart 31


DAY EIGHTEEN: What a Day heart 29
DAY NINETEEN: Dehydration Desperation heart 31
DAY TWENTY: Boring Old Stuff heart 31


DAY TWENTY-ONE: Is There Any Food Better Than Fresh Fish? heart 36
DAY TWENTY-TWO: Sicilian Cycleblaze Meet-Up heart 56
DAY TWENTY-THREE: A Long Ride in the Darkness, Followed By a French Food Classic heart 66
DAY TWENTY-FOUR: A Tale of Two Troubled Countries heart 7
DAY TWENTY-FIVE: Ruins heart 72
DAY TWENTY-SIX: The Best Title I Can Come Up With Is "Norway, The Ocean, Great Britain, The Ocean" heart 75


DAY TWENTY-SEVEN: Easy Come, Easy Go heart 37
DAY TWENTY-EIGHT: South American Skies heart 5
DAY TWENTY-NINE: A Dream So Stressful That I Had To Take My First Rest Day+ heart 0


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