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September 14, 2021

Come hell or high water

Heyburn State Park to Hell's Gate State Park

I love this saying I used for today's entry but didn't know what it meant, so looked it up! It is used to say that something will definately happen or be done even though events or situations might make it difficult.... as in "I will be there on time, come hell or high water".

It originated in American in the mid-1800's when it was used in an Iowa newspaper which stated: "Since that time the best of my friends had become enemies and strangers have become my friends. The devil had broken loose in many parts of the country and keeping up with the old saying, we've had unrevised hell and high water, and a mighty heap of high water, I tell you."

Today was another moving day as we were heading south toward Lewiston, ID. It took us nearly 3 hours to break camp. Normally it's taking us about 1 1/2 hours but since we were here for a week we had put everything out plus had emptied the bed of the truck so we could transport the bikes to our starts. 

But we got it done before noon which was good since the camphost had told us the campground was closing for the season an they were locking the gate at 1:00 pm. Yikes - guess they were serious about that! 

We had enjoyed our stay here, it's a beautiful, small campground and so quiet. We'll add it to our list of places to return to in the future.

On our way south along Highway 95, we were keeping a lookout for fellow CB'er Greg who was supposed to be cycling north to Plummer. And we finally spotted that orange shirt! 

Unfortunately there wasn't a safe place to pull over with the trailer so we just settled for flashing our lights at him and waving at each other. Best wishes on your tour, Greg!

It didn't take too long to reach Lewiston and we pulled over to enjoy the view above the city before dropping down, down, down into the valley. We came through here a few years ago when we rode the Lewis & Clark route. 

Before we went to the campground, we stopped first at an RV service center. Don had discovered a major leak under the trailer. He crawled under it the other day when I was on my ride and said the water appeared to be coming from a petcock related to our winterizing system. 

But no repairs today, the service center was booked out for months. They did give Don the name of a local mobile RV guy so we'll check that out. We really have to fix this! It's so frustrating that a brand new trailer has a problem like this.

We got to the state park at 2, just in time to check into our site. Don told me it was a back-in site that he selected because it backed up to the river. 

Ugh........I don't like back-in sites! Don is still learning on how to park Tango and these can be quite challenging. 

Finally parked, we set up camp and relaxed for a while. This is a pretty park - lots of trees and grass, but while our site does back up to the river, we can't see the water due to the trees. Plus it backs up to the bike path which has some use with walkers and cyclists. Oh well, it is good access for biking.

Don was able to get ahold of the RV repair guy and scheduled him to come to our site tomorrow to see what's going on. Hopefully it can be repaired easily. Normally this would be a warranty issue and had we been home, would have just taken the trailer to our dealer. Thank goodness there are mobile RV service people out there!

We'll be here through Saturday and I don't don't know our plans yet, but it's warmer than at Heyburn SP so if we ride, we can leave earlier in the mornings. 

This is one big pile of pick-em-up sticks at the sawmill in Plummer! They water the logs so they don't spontaneously catch on fire.
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Our route south to Lewiston took us into the Palouse region. These rolling hills were formed by windblown dust and silt called loess that came from dry regions to the SW. From above they look like sand dunes. The area is used primarily for dryland wheat farming, and is found in Washington and Idaho.
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Lewiston, ID is located in a valley at the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater rivers.
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