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Powered by the Pedals

By Ian Gordon
2,157 miles (3,471 km) over 42 days since Jun. 28, 2022
Heading For The Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort heart 18
Everyday I Am Humbled By The Kindness of Strangers heart 49
When One Journey Becomes Two heart 24
Trying to Process the Devastation heart 53
I Think I Saw a Jackalope…I Did, I Did heart 71
If You’re Patient, You Just May Be Surprised heart 54
Hey Trucks…Do You Know It’s Sunday heart 46
Into The Abyss heart 48
It Was a Wind Day…Wind River That Is heart 64
Did We Anger You Thor? heart 73
Teton Triathlon heart 63
You Say Hello and We Say Goodbye heart 61
Car Touring Through Yellowstone heart 78
What a Long Straight Road It Was heart 54
Beaverhead Finally Explained. heart 40
Leaving Wisdom Behind 😉 heart 42
Smoke on the Mountain heart 53
Look Right heart 48
What Time is it Anyway heart 43
Just Kill Me Now 😳 heart 43
Who Needs a Map Anyway heart 42
To Wonderland We Go heart 42
Running Out of Places to Hide heart 37
It’s Too Dang Hot to Even Type heart 54
You Just Don’t See That Everyday heart 40
Three Mountain Pass Madness heart 31
The Calm Before the Climbs heart 27
So Much For Cool Weather heart 42
Dang…Had to Leave Before the Quilt Show Started heart 35
Climbing the McKenzie Pass heart 40
Heading for the McKenzie Pass heart 27
My First Rain Day heart 17
Happy and Sad 4th of July heart 22
The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Cyclists heart 11
Day One is in the Books heart 62
All Aboard, Next Stop Portland Oregon heart 16
Good Bye California heart 23
Leaving Denver via Scenic Amtrak Route heart 23
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