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Off To See the Wizard

Of Oz - A trip to Kansas via the TransAm

By Janet Beaty
2,307 miles (3,713 km) over 59 days between May 28, 2014 and Jul. 25, 2014

Who - What - When and Where

Meet The Team heart 8
Route To Kansas heart 3
Training heart 4
Training Continues heart 4
Tic Tock: Count Down Begins heart 4
Playing with New iPad Air: Testing batch photo uploads using Chrome heart 2
This Is How We Roll - NOT: Amgen Tour of California heart 5
Fully Loaded Shakedown Ride: 31 miles with WIND! And HILLS! We may make this after all. heart 2
Load'em Up and Move'em Out: Really-we need all this?! heart 3
And We Are Off: Driving to Eugene heart 4
Drive to Eugene: Day Two heart 3
Photos: That Didn't Get Posted heart 2


Day 1 - Eugene to Patio River RV Park - Mc Kenzie River Drive: Great Beginning! heart 2
Day 2 - Patio RV Park- Mc Kenzie Bridge to Ice Cap Camp Ground Clear Lake: We're Going to do WHAT?!! heart 2
Day 3 - Ice Camp to Sisters: We Can Do This! heart 4
Day 4 - Sisters to Prinville: Are we still in Oregon? heart 4
Day 5 - Prineville to Mitchell: This was supposed to be an easy ride! heart 6
Day 6 - Mitchell to Dayville: A Beautiful Fun Ride....well after that thing about 1500ft up the first 6 miles. heart 3
Day 7 - Dayville to Prairie City: A Ride Along A River heart 3
Day 8 - Prairie City to Austin Junction: Short Steep Day heart 6
Day 9 - Austin Junction to Baker City: What was that part about a head wind? heart 5
Day 10 - Baker City to Richland: The Ride We Looked for Yesterday! heart 6
Day 11 - Richland to Oxbow: Another Day - Another Pass! heart 3
Day 12 - Rest in Oxbow: Taking advantage of the shade heart 3


Day 13 - Oxbow to Cambridge, Idaho: New State!!! And yes one more climb! We have decided they are the norm! heart 3
Day 14 - Cambridge to New Meadows - Idaho: Red Bull and Pop-Tarts ........and we hit 500 miles today!! heart 5
Day 15 - New Meadows to Riggins: The Salmon Are Running! heart 4
Day 16 - Riggins: Rain Waiting It Out-Friday the Thirteenth heart 4
Day 17 - Riggins to Grangeville: The Long and Winding Road.......says Jack not The Beatles heart 8
Day 18 - Grangeville to Lowell: Let's High Tail It Out Of Here heart 3
Day 19 - Lowell to Powell: Should We Stay or Should We Go?! Raining and cold! heart 5
Day 20 - Powell: Staying Put In Lochsa Lodge-see updated post for yesterday. Photos up! heart 3


Day 21 - Powell, ID to Lolo, MT: Satisfied and Tickled Too...Taj Mahal Style heart 5
Day 22 - Lolo to Hamilton: Out Running The Rain...Or Not heart 6
Day 23 - Hamilton to Lost Trail Hot Springs: Don't Let Me Down....!! heart 4
Day 24 - Lost Trail Hot Springs to Jackson: I'm going to Jackson.....Johnny Cash in my head all day or How to Out Run Mosquitoes and Thunder Storms! heart 6
Day 25 - Jackson to Dillon: Smack Down in the Mountains!! Janet 10 - Mother Nature 1.....or I Can See For Miles and Miles and Miles!! heart 4
Day 26 - Dillon to Twin Bridges: Toe The Line! heart 8
Day 27 - Twin Bridges to Alder: Toe The Line Part II - Moving On UP! and we hit 1,000 miles!!! heart 9
Day 28 - Alder to Ennis: Yippee io ki yay - Get Along Little Dogies!! heart 7
Day 29 - Ennis to Driftwaters Fishing Resort: Spinning Wheel....we did the same mile 39 times! Says Jack heart 3
Day 30 - Rained Out!!: The Wizard Is At Work........Rain, snow, thunder and lightening.....oh, my!! heart 3


Day 31 - Driftwaters Resort to Madison Campground, WY: The Sun Is Out and So Are We! heart 6
Day 32 - Madison Campground to Grant Village, Yellowstone: Whale Watching on Land heart 3
Day 33 - Grant Village to Colter Bay Village-Grand Teton National Park: Frosty The Snow Man heart 3
Day 34 - Colter Bay Village to Grand Teton Park and RV - 5.5 miles East Moran Junction: Resting Up For The Big Climb heart 9
Day 35 - Grand Teton RV Park to Dubois: WoW!! Over To-go-tee (Togwotee) Pass and Beautiful Mountains!! 9,584 ft heart 5
Day 36 - Dubois to Lander: It's All Down Hill with A Tailwind.... heart 4
Day 37 - Lander to Jeffery City (population 38 or 50): No Where To Hide..Jack says we need to take a collection and buy Wyoming a Tree!! heart 3
Day 38 - Jeffrey City to Muddy Gap: One pancake with heart 5
Day 39 - Muddy Gap to Rawlins: Plan B heart 4
Day 40 - Rawlins to Saratoga: Gradual Uphill Into the Wind - Our New Theme Song heart 4
Day 41 - Saratoga to Riverside: Blowing in the Wind heart 3


Day 42 - Riverside to Walden, Colorado: Going Up heart 3
Day 43 - Walden to Hot Sulphur Springs: The Last Pass.......there's a Sag Wagon Coming!! heart 7
Day 44 - Hot Sulphur Springs to Kremmling: Down Hill Run heart 3
Day 45 & 46: R & R at the Nettles Nest heart 3
Day 47 - Buena Vista to Cotopaxi: It's All Down Hill From Here...... heart 3
Day 48 - Cotopaxi to Pueblo: is not all down hill from here! heart 4
Day 49 - Pueblo to Ordway: Are You Cyclists or “Regular Folks”?! heart 5
Day 50 - Ordway to Eads: Return of the you remember that movie? heart 5


Day 51 - Eads to Tribune, Kansas: Welcome to Kansas!! heart 7
Day 52 - Tribune to Scott City: Now That's The Way To Ride.....2,031 miles! How about that?! heart 10
Day 53 - Scott City to Ness City: Why Don't You Ride On The Other Side Of The Road?! Or It's so Hot The Pool Is Inside! heart 7
Day 54 - Ness City to Great Bend: The Heat Is On....... heart 8
Day 55 - Great Bend to Ellsworth: Sorry, No - we did NOT order the up hills into the 30 mph must have been those other folks! heart 6
Day 56 - Ellsworth to Abilene: Yesterday's Ride Today.......We are in the Flint Hills! heart 7
Day 57 -Abilene to Junction City: Made It!! heart 8
The Reunion: Yep...seems we are this old! heart 4
What Have We Been Doing?: Tour of Ft Riley heart 3
Packing Up ; (: It's Really Over heart 2
A Little trip to Minneapolis.....: A Visit to Rock City and the Kansas Motor Cycle Museum heart 2

After Log

Home: Back In Seaside heart 2
The End: It's Not over Until..............and she is singing! heart 5
Article in the Monterey Herald: Not letting go of this trip yet!! heart 3