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May 28, 2014

Drive to Eugene: Day Two

I think we were asleep before our heads hit the pillows last night and neither of us moved until we woke just before 6am. The office was supposed to have coffee but there was none so we heated up the giant cinnamon rolls we purchased last night...inhaled them along with a boiled egg we had from home and we were out the door by 6:25am. Coffee and tea were found at the Chevron and we were on the road.

Sunrise in Williams, CA.
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Toady was a mix of beautiful sunshine, great clouds and rain. We traveled straight up I-5. Did you know that it is "bicycle" friendly? But you may want to watch for loads like this! WOW move over.

Wouldn't Be Much Room For A Bike!
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You might also want to watch out for the occasional traveling group showers.  There were two of these today? Time may also be passed just checking out the side view mirror.

Mobile Showers - Note The Rolled Carpet..first class all the way.
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Nice View!
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What would a Janet and Jack journal be without a flower of the day? Here you go.

The Dog Walking Area At A Road Side Rest Stop...there was one small white poodle taking advantage of the scenic dog park.
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The photo of the day was Mt Shasta. However...getting a nice photo while going about 70 mph proved to be more difficult than anticipated. After this photo we turned a corner and it was raining cats and dogs. Right now the sun is out and we hope to have a beautiful ride up to Vida or beyond tomorrow.

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Once we arrived at the hotel we had several errands to do. Jack drove to the airport and returned the car (took a cab back) and because we were early the charge was half of what we expected! Now that was great. 

While he was doing that Janet walked to the Sprint store and set her phone up to be a 'hotspot' for those times when we do not have access to WiFi. The immediate neighborhood of our hotel is either in a decline or just about to move up a little. There are nearly as many homeless here as in CA which surprises me. Not sure why but it does. 

 *****hotspot turned out to be useless as there was NO reception anywhere along the back country. I canceled the service after a month as I was never able to connect with it. However, WiFi was never really an issue. We had great service at all of the private RV Parks but one and of course good service in motels. If all those failed there was always McDonalds.

True confession time. I am worried about the weight of the bags so I went through everything one more time and I am sending a few items home. I had a couple of items (clothing) that I thought I had removed and there they were. We will hit the post office before we leave town tomorrow.

Good night...I am off to enjoy my first Epsom Salt bath of the trip. Then lights out.

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