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Meet The Team

Miss Gulch - AKA Wicked Witch of the West. Nice Bike-Sure she will supply plenty of excitement.
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Glinda - The Good Witch of the East. She will keep a watchful eye on us.
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Dorothy, Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Man. We hope to find our inner strength- just as they did.
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Emerald City - The Land Of Oz. It's going to look like this all the way!!
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We just 'click' these when we are having a tough day!!
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The Wizard of Oz! We hope he gives us a Tailwind all the way!
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Our Surly's Ready to Roll. They will take us where we need to go.
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Janet here. I am the writer, editor of this  journal and our previous tour accounts. Jack is our navigator and all around tour guide...we make a good team. I think this is where I usually say 'We're Back'. 

The route will be the TransAm West to East to Kansas. We will be going to a 50 yr High School Reunion in Junction City, Kansas. Our Surly's will be carrying all of the usual gear. Not sure I will get a together but I will have a picture or two that will show you just what can be packed into those little bags on the sides of the bike. Stay tuned - those of you not familiar with touring will be amazed. It's like a magic show.

I know - these look like your everyday Surly Long Haul Truckers (LHTs) but no these are our Steeds. They have been our wonderful friends and means of multiple hours of transportation and fun for the last 6 yrs. Jack's (the blue one) has nearly 40,000 miles. Janet's (the green) has 25,000 miles-I retired later than he did even though I am older. We have traveled the length of the Western US (Seattle to San Diego) and used them daily for fun and transportation. They are the ONLY way to get into our local Trader Joe's parking lot mid day - any day!

Our Surly's are stock - well mostly. They do have a Brooks saddle B-17 each and just in the last few months received new gearing. We switched out the back cassette from 11-34 to a 12-36. It was my fault. I was feeling a little anxious about the 11,500+ ft we are going to be going over on the TransAm. We are looking at the possibility of needing new wheels prior to this trip. Our tires of choice are Continental Tour Rides. We rode Continental City Rides on our previous tours and have had '0' flats on tour!! Going to get the opinion of our LBS - Winning Wheels in Pacific Grove, CA. on the wheel issue. They do wonderful work if you are ever in the Monterey area and need a great mechanic be sure to check them out (they passed inspection with flying colors-only new brakes and chains needed).

Jack and Janet - Santa Barbara to San Diego 2012
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This lovely photo of us was taken in May - 2012. We were in Dana Point on our way to San Diego. As a photographer I love taking photos of everything but myself. 

Hope you follow along with us. Happy Trails...........Janet

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