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Exploring Germany, Czech Republic and beyond... on our Recumbent Tandem

By Barry Bartlett
2,334 km (1,449 miles) over 82 days between May 24, 2014 and Aug. 13, 2014
Why Europe!: Why not..... great cycling, good friends, history and culture.... heart 1
Preparing for our Trip heart 1
We are on our Way: We have a shock when checking in at the airport heart 1
We Arrive in Germany heart 3
Putting our bike together heart 2
We spend the day in Frankfurt heart 4
We enjoy a training ride with Georg and Cora heart 4
A boat ride down the Lahn River to see Georg perform in Koblenz heart 1
Another bike ride - to a Tractor Festival heart 6
A bike puzzle - what is that noise? heart 2
Our cycling trip begins: two bike rides and a train: From the Reitz home to Selingenstadt heart 3
Selingenstadt to Worth: Rain and thunder storm heart 4
The best day of riding yet: ...Worth to Bettingen heart 11
Bettingen to Lohr heart 1
A hot day with many wonderful meetings along the way: Lohr to Zellingen heart 9
A short day of riding - Zellingen to Wurzburg heart 15
Wurzburg - sightseeing heart 6
It is even hotter today - hard to believe: Wurzburg to Schwarzenau, Campingplatz Mainblick heart 4
No thunder storms - vineyards as far as the eye can see: Schweinfurt heart 7
Schweinfurt to Sand am Main heart 8
Sand am Main to Bamberg: Camping at the Canoe/Kayak Club heart 8
Sightseeing in Bamberg heart 7
Bamberg - more sightseeing and wandering through the streets of old town. heart 11
A long dusty canal path to Nurnberg heart 8
A day in Nuremberg heart 6
Czech Republic and a train ride heart 6
We have changed our route to Prague - we're taking the Dutch route! heart 9
A few days at camp to plan for our time in Czech Republic: ...and to feel healthier heart 9
Stanowitz to Bezdruzice: The monster of all hills to the top of a ski hill. heart 4
To Plzen - the home of Czech Beer heart 0
We spend the day sightseeing in Plzen heart 4
A delightful farm heart 3
Varied terrain and interesting villages heart 3
Today had it all - the good and the bad: ...... but we made it to Prague heart 13
Staying at Camp Matyas: - an oasis on the outskirts of Prague heart 4
Sightseeing in Prague for a few days heart 15
Riding through Prague - we finally see the charm: Camp Matyas, Vrane den Vlantou to Veltrusy heart 31
Sunflowers, a palace, 2 rivers and a canal heart 34
The best day of riding in Czech Republic heart 19
Czech Republic to Germany heart 6
A heat wave and high humidity: - to Dresden, a lovely city heart 9
We are part of a peloton!: Dresden to Riesa heart 18
A pretty ride to Torgau heart 13
Torgau to Dommitsch: Our shortest day yet: too hot and humid to ride heart 8
A bit cooler this morning: To Lutherstadt Wittenberg heart 10
Lutherstadt Wittenberg heart 8
Wittenburg and Pension Paula heart 2
To Dessau: Lots of rain with beautiful riding heart 11
Six km. forward, Eight km. back: Dessau - we can't seem to leave you! heart 3
Well we haven't moved backward - but we are staying heart 0
We spend the day sightseeing in Dessau and then a short ride heart 2
Aken to Magdeburg heart 13
Magdeburg to Rogatz: Staying at Rowing and Canoe Clubs heart 10
Rogatz to Tangermunde: Beautiful day of riding heart 17
Tangermunde to Havelberg: Heat wave continues!! heart 6
Havelberg to Steckelsdorf heart 7
Stecklesdorf to Brandenburg: Beautiful lakes, countless storks in their nests and good riding. heart 4
Brandenberg to Werden: We Meet a Fellow Canadian Walking Around the world heart 10
We stay with Karin heart 6
Sightseeing in Berlin- Day One heart 15
Day Two in Berlin: Two Incredible Museums Fill the Day heart 6
Visiting a Palace in Potsdam heart 8
A Quiet Day and then the thunder, rain and lightning hit! heart 5
On the train to Poland!: ...a minor change of plan heart 8
Our first full day in Poznan, Poland heart 12
We fall in love with Poznan heart 7
Poznan heart 9
We take the train back to Germany heart 5
It's great to be back on the bike heart 6
A Hard Ride...: and caught in an intense thunder wind storm heart 8
Waiting out the rain and thunder in Dessau heart 1
Dessau to Bernburg: From one youth hostel to another heart 9
Bernburg to Halle- another river ride: Our last day of cycle touring on this trip heart 9
We head back to the Reitz Family: A day of train travel and bike riding heart 7
A Day in Limburg to see Georg Perform heart 7
A Hike, a Bike Ride and a Giant Antenna heart 7
Flying Home! heart 5