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Riding In My Grandfather's WW1 Footsteps

A Circle Tour of Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium and France

By Barry Bartlett
3,112 km (1,933 miles) over 91 days between Jun. 8, 2016 and Sep. 6, 2016

Trip Preparation

One Week to Go!! heart 3
Why France, Netherlands, Germany...? heart 4

Germany, staying with friends

We're on our Way: flying to Frankfurt heart 2
Staying with friends: Seavo gets a tune up and we enjoy music at Weilburg Palace. heart 6
Planning our route: best laid plans!! heart 3
Waiting out the Weather: thunderstorms, flooding, etc! heart 2
Frankfurt and the Velo Show heart 11

Mosel River

We are finally on our way, Hausen to Limburg-Koblenz and Kobern-Gondorf: bikes and a train, a good way to start heart 11
"Intense pleasure for your eyes!": Kobern-Gondorf to Ellenz-Poltersdorf heart 9
Ellenz-Poltersdorf to Campingplaatz Wolf: Germany wins at Euro 16 heart 16
It's beginning to get hotter: Wolf to Trittenheim heart 16
to Trier - hot!! humid!!...must stop heart 6

3 Rivers/Rail Routes- Sauer, Prum,Enz, Ardenne

Dodging thunderstorms - welcome to Luxembourg! heart 7
Stranded by Bad Weather heart 3
Following the rivers - Luxembourg and Germany: hills, hills, hills.... heart 6
From Neuerburg to Pronsfeld: On the rail grade heart 5

Vennbahn Cycle Route

A great day of cycling on the Vennbann Route: We are now in Belgium! heart 9
43 kilometres of downhill - to Aachen!! heart 2
A day in Auchen to Sightsee and Shop heart 9

Belgium and the Netherlands

Trying to find our way out of Auchen, Germany: ...haven't we been here already? heart 13
Fighting Torrential Rain to get to the Sweetest Little Campground in Holland heart 5
Exploring Maastricht, Holland heart 4

Flandern Cycle Route

More time exploring Maastricht and then riding into Belgium heart 14
In and out of Belgium and Holland in the driving rain heart 9
To Wezel: - first dry day and we found camping, yeah! heart 11
Riding Along Beautiful Belgian canals: camping heart 3
Battling headwinds along the canal: camping at a former 13th century Abbey and 17th century castle heart 11
Headwinds, ferries and good riding: to Sint Amande heart 14
To Ghent: the heat and headwinds stay with us heart 8
A day to explore Ghent heart 15
Riding from Ghent to Bruges heart 13
Riding into Bruges for a day of exploring heart 10
Following the numbers in Belgium to Ypres: Brugge to Nieuwpoort heart 7
Nieuwport to Ypres: A marvelous ride heart 12
A Day in Ypres - remembering World War 1 heart 4
Riding the cycle route around the Front Lines of Ieper heart 2
St Sixtus Brewery - the best beer in the world heart 4


To France - it's a heat wave heart 8
The Three H's - heat, headwind and hills heart 2
To Boulogne sur Mer heart 7
Best laid plans heart 9
Along the coast to Berck sur Mer heart 6
Our best day yet: superb bike paths along the ocean and through towns heart 12
A rest day at the beach heart 4
"La Somme en roue libre" Route - following the Somme Canal: Brighton..St Valery-sur-Somme....Long heart 4
Amiens - a gem to discover heart 15
Amiens - so much to explore heart 5
A Beautiful ride out of Amiens: - a special day to remember heart 8
Stings, bites and allergic reactions complicate the day: good to stop early, Cappy to Peronne heart 1
Battling hills and thunderstorms to walk in my grandfather's steps of the Battle of Cambrai 1917 heart 6
We will stay in Cambrai - to reflect and discover... heart 4
A truly magical and special day! heart 3


Riding in the rain into Belgium heart 8
Tournai to Schendelbeke heart 16
A hilly day and detours to Lunderzeel heart 8
To Viersel via Mechelin heart 10
From the little Belgian village of Viersel to the Dutch city of Breda heart 5

The Netherlands

From Breda to the tiny village of Lekkerkerk heart 10
Windmills, ferries and then more windmills and ferries heart 9
Feeling better (Mary Ellen that is) and on to the Dunes! heart 10
A day to enjoy our home away from home , Anjan: 13 hours of continuous rain and wind heart 2
Katwijk to Heemskerk, Nature Kamp de Berenweide: Great ride and idyllic camping heart 15
Heemskerk to Oudesluis, Klein camping t'bullekroffie: the best riding yet - until tomorrow that is heart 16
Across the Ijsselmeer to Makkum: another spectacular day of riding in Holland heart 12
to Bakhuzen/Bakhuizen, we're in Friesland (2 languages): Camping Wite Burch heart 15
Seavo had a bad day... heart 4
to Blokzijl: Seavo had a better day heart 10
to Elburg Nature Kamp Old Putten heart 17
Elburg to Puttan heart 15
Putten to Arnhem via Kroller Muller Museum: We visit an art gallery in the forest to see Van Gogh's paintings heart 9
A day in Doorwerth at the Fletcher: rain...rain...rain!! heart 2
Doorwerth to Gennep, a farm stay: a drizzly, rainy kind of day heart 5
6 ferries exploring the River Maas: Gennep to Lottum heart 7
Having a rest day in a little bit of paradise: Camping on the Maas River heart 8
Lottum to Sint Odilienberg: camping at our first "Haystack" campground heart 10


Haystack Camping to a Gastatte in Gereonsweiler: on the Roer River heart 2
to Euskirchen: through heat, hills, humidity and thunderstorms heart 9
Euskirchen to Bad Breisig on the Rhine River heart 4
Koblenz - we've come full circle heart 8
A day to sightsee in Koblenz heart 15
A train and a bike trip to Limburg heart 5
On the Reitz farm near Limburg heart 1
Seavo gets some TLC from Pacak the Mechanic heart 6
A quiet day on the farm heart 2
A tractor festival heart 2
Getting ready to head home heart 5
Flying home to Saltspring Island heart 4
Reflections heart 2