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A Grand 3 Month European Tour on an E-Tandem

Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Austria

By Barry Bartlett & Mary Ellen Bartlett
2,664 km (1,654 miles) over 65 days since Apr. 15, 2018
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Getting Ready to Hit the Road Again heart 8
New Gear for This Trip heart 2
We’re on Our Way heart 8
And we’re off....2 flights to Frankfurt heart 5
Up early for a ride with Seavo and Cora to see Pacak heart 3
Seavo Spends Two Days With Pacak heart 7
A Perfect Day of Riding heart 7
Our Annual Ride to the Best Bakery in Hessen heart 6
And....we’re off ! heart 1
Camping at St.Goar to Mainz heart 4
Battling a Heavy Headwind From Mainz to Worms heart 3
Meeting Wonderful People in Worms and Beyond heart 1
Spezi, here we come! Day One... heart 3
Spezi...Day Two heart 1
Dangerously High Winds Test Our Fortitude heart 2
Cold, Cold,Cold! heart 6
Heading for the Alsace Wine Route Via Strasbourg heart 5
A Rest Day in Molsheim heart 1
Alsace Wine Route heart 8
Second Day of Riding the Alsace Wine Route heart 3
We Sadly Say Goodbye to the Alsace Wine Route heart 12
Riding the Eurovelo 6, seven Years Later heart 2
Baume les Dames to Fraisans heart 5
Extreme weather and no brakes...our version of a cyclist’s lament in Dole heart 4
Choisey/Dole to Verdun sur Le Doubs heart 5
Verdun sur Le Doubs to Cormatin - we begin a new route south heart 7
Visiting Taize and Cluny enroute to Creches sur Saone heart 2
A Cold Rainy Ride heart 1
A Rainy Rest Day in Villefranche Sur Saone -taking care of business heart 0
Take the D Road.....up and up and up! heart 7
We begin riding Via Rhona...new and improved heart 3
Municipal French Campgrounds - not always good, but good for meeting people heart 2
Charmes sur Rhone to Chateauneuf sur Rhone - new friends heart 9
To Orange, a UNESCO heritage site ... and it is so hot heart 5
A hot ride from Orange to Amaron heart 7
Aroman to Arles - loving Provence heart 7
A Day in Arles heart 6
It can be hard to leave Arles - it’s market day and Van Gogh awaits heart 14
To the Mediterranean We Go heart 7
Riding the Mediterranean Coast to Sete heart 5
Sete to Salles d’Aude heart 5
Continuing along the coast to Port Leucate heart 10
At least we are going forward heart 10
This is what a rest day looks like on the Mediterranean heart 2
One crazy hilly day!!! heart 6
What a day, Mary Ellen has a bad fall and Seavo loses his brakes heart 3
Seavo gets repaired and we ride to Torroella de Montgri heart 9
An epic ride soaring above the coast of the Costa Brava heart 6
Riding to Barcelona on a Sunday heart 2
Barcelona -we’ve arrived heart 8
Sightseeing in Barcelona- Picasso Museum heart 1
Sagrada Familia heart 4
Ferry to Genova Italy heart 7
Riding out of Genoa Italy and into the mountains heart 6
We follow a winding road high in the Appenine Mountains heart 4
From Bobbio to Piacenza heart 1
A scorcher of a day ( 37+ C. ) and a 92 kilometre ride on the Po River heart 4
After a rest day we head into the heat towards Mantova heart 0
A rest day in Mantova heart 2
Riding to Verona heart 9
Exploring Verona - bike shops and cool neighbourhoods+ heart 2
Another amazing day in Verona+ heart 2
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