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A Grand 3 Month European Tour on an E-Tandem

Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Austria

By Barry Bartlett & Mary Ellen Bartlett
3,696 km (2,295 miles) over 90 days between Apr. 15, 2018 and Jul. 13, 2018
Getting Ready to Hit the Road Again heart 9
New Gear for This Trip heart 4
We’re on Our Way heart 12
And we’re off....2 flights to Frankfurt heart 7


Up early for a ride with Seavo and Cora to see Pacak heart 5
Seavo Spends Two Days With Pacak heart 17
A Perfect Day of Riding heart 19
Our Annual Ride to the Best Bakery in Hessen heart 14
And....we’re off ! heart 18
Camping at St.Goar to Mainz heart 16
Battling a Heavy Headwind From Mainz to Worms heart 10
Meeting Wonderful People in Worms and Beyond heart 20
Spezi, here we come! Day One... heart 19
Spezi...Day Two heart 17
Dangerously High Winds Test Our Fortitude heart 8
Cold, Cold,Cold! heart 12


Heading for the Alsace Wine Route Via Strasbourg heart 13
A Rest Day in Molsheim heart 5
Alsace Wine Route heart 18
Second Day of Riding the Alsace Wine Route heart 14
We Sadly Say Goodbye to the Alsace Wine Route heart 17
Riding the Eurovelo 6, seven Years Later heart 7
Baume les Dames to Fraisans heart 7
Extreme weather and no brakes...our version of a cyclist’s lament in Dole heart 11
Choisey/Dole to Verdun sur Le Doubs heart 11
Verdun sur Le Doubs to Cormatin - we begin a new route south heart 17
Visiting Taize and Cluny enroute to Creches sur Saone heart 7
A Cold Rainy Ride heart 3
A Rainy Rest Day in Villefranche Sur Saone -taking care of business heart 2
Take the D Road.....up and up and up! heart 13
We begin riding Via Rhona...new and improved heart 14
Municipal French Campgrounds - not always good, but good for meeting people heart 10
Charmes sur Rhone to Chateauneuf sur Rhone - new friends heart 26
To Orange, a UNESCO heritage site ... and it is so hot heart 19
A hot ride from Orange to Amaron heart 12
Aroman to Arles - loving Provence heart 27
A Day in Arles heart 20
It can be hard to leave Arles - it’s market day and Van Gogh awaits heart 20
To the Mediterranean We Go heart 23
Riding the Mediterranean Coast to Sete heart 13
Sete to Salles d’Aude heart 16
Continuing along the coast to Port Leucate heart 19
At least we are going forward heart 17
This is what a rest day looks like on the Mediterranean heart 2
One crazy hilly day!!! heart 9
What a day, Mary Ellen has a bad fall and Seavo loses his brakes heart 6


Seavo gets repaired and we ride to Torroella de Montgri heart 14
An epic ride soaring above the coast of the Costa Brava heart 13
Riding to Barcelona on a Sunday heart 5
Barcelona -we’ve arrived heart 21
Sightseeing in Barcelona- Picasso Museum heart 2
Sagrada Familia heart 22
Ferry to Genova Italy heart 15


Riding out of Genoa Italy and into the mountains heart 29
We follow a winding road high in the Appenine Mountains heart 16
From Bobbio to Piacenza heart 2
A scorcher of a day ( 37+ C. ) and a 92 kilometre ride on the Po River heart 13
After a rest day we head into the heat towards Mantova heart 10
A rest day in Mantova heart 9
Riding to Verona heart 20
Exploring Verona - bike shops and cool neighbourhoods heart 10
Another amazing day in Verona heart 16
Verona to Soave heart 10
Rest day in Soave heart 8
Mary Ellen’s Misadventure on Trenitalia and Barry rides solo to Bassano del Grappo heart 7
A lovely, slow day in Bassano del Grappa heart 5
Once again, we divide and conquer...Barry rides solo and Mary Ellen takes the train heart 12
Treviso - a special place of rivers, canals and bikes heart 15
Treviso to Casarsa del Delizia, Barry riding Seavo and Mary Ellen ...the rails heart 8
It’s training day for the Rear Admiral heart 9
Pinarello - Treviso’s cycling Legend lives on.... heart 17
A rest day in Udine heart 2
Udine to Venzone : Riding the Alpe Adria Cycle Route heart 11
Venzone to Tarvisio - 32 tunnels, countless waterfalls and trestles heart 17


Tarvisio to Feistritz an Der Drau heart 15
Feistritz an der Drau to Obervellach heart 16
Obervellach to Dorfgastein heart 18
A rest day in Dorfgastein heart 9
Dorfgastein to Werfen heart 29
Werfen to Salzburg heart 11
Salzburg: exploring Mozart, bike shops and hidden byways heart 17


Riding the rails - Salzburg to Treutchlingen heart 6
Our grand tour has come full circle heart 5
A few days on the Reitz Farm heart 3
We ride to Frankfurt to visit a recumbent bike shop heart 11
A Ride to Limburg and the Last (for now) Italian Eis of the trip heart 8
The long journey back home by plane heart 10
Vancouver to Saltspring Island heart 9
Reflections on our trip heart 0