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April 18, 2018

Up early for a ride with Seavo and Cora to see Pacak

A balmy spring morning at the farm - getting ready to ride.
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Well, we weren’t imagining it....it is indeed spring here in Germany. The sun continues to shine and the temperatures are even warmer today. We are tired with mushy jet-lag brains, but we are looking forward to riding today to Elz through the countryside.

We had emailed a list of things to be checked and replaced on Seavo and all looks good. However, Pacak discovered a problem on the bike - the rim of the rear wheel is showing the beginning of cracks on the edge of the spoke holes. The time to replace the rim is now and not sometime during the trip.  This means more expense, but more significantly, a delay, as a new rim needs to be ordered and a wheel built. The previous aSalsa tandem rim was put on by Max at Fairfield Bikes in Victoria and this rim had successfully made 7 long distance trips in Europe.  

A visit to a local bakery, a bookstore and some local shops made for an enjoyable re-entry to Germany and village life. 

We enjoyed coffee and a piece of Apfelkuchen at the local bakery near the bike shop. It is here where Pacak found us to share the news of Seavo’s mechanical problems. Uh oh, this doesn’t sound good.
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Once we got back to the farm, we tried to sit in the sun on the deck - and we did for some time, quite happily - but eventually we gave up and succumbed to a lengthy nap in our room.

It is so good to be back in Germany. We do love it here and it is good to be back with Cora and her family.

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