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April 19, 2018

Seavo Spends Two Days With Pacak

Seavo the tandem spent two busy days with Pacak and Alexander, aka “Eagle-Eye”. We had given Pacak and his mechanic a list of things that needed to be done and the list kept growing the more they investigated. 

However, everything they discovered was necessary and we are grateful that the problems are being sorted out before we leave. We ask a lot of our bike - riding on rough roads, pulling a heavy load as well as supporting two riders, covering thousands of miles, not to mention crossing the Alps. 

We spent part of the day in Limburg looking for shoes that are lightweight and good for walking. Barry made a valiant attempt, but gave up whereas Mary Ellen fared better. We were surprised when we got home to receive a call from Pacak  that Seavo is ready. We are really impressed that they could finish the job as we know that the mechanic had to spend a lot of hours on our bike in the midst of a very busy day at school the shop. Today was an event day sponsored by a German e-bike company which was offering test rides and demos. 

Here is the rim that is being discarded.
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Pacak, the owner of Radhaus Pacak, and his mechanic, Alexander.
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Steve Miller/GrampiesA brutal but efficient way to recover the hub!
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5 years ago
Pacak and Astrix have been very helpful and kind to us.
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We always enjoy seeing this wee roadside chapel on our ride to Elz and Limburg.
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A wonderful ride in the early evening back to Cora’s with a new and improved Seavo.
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We’re almost home - we are approaching the village of Ellar- next stop Cora’s, only 2 more km. What a lovely evening.
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The Bartletts’ shadow is lengthening as we ride back.
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We are home, back on the farm. The girls seem happy to see us.
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Love her face and impressive coat.
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Today's ride: 17 km (11 miles)
Total: 17 km (11 miles)

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