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Tally Gals European Bike Adventure

By Marcia Meale, Jane Fletcher & Meg Bates
1,174 km (729 miles) over 102 days between Feb. 22, 2019 and Jun. 3, 2019
Traveling Home heart 19
Lessons learned heart 10
Very well used bikes looking for their next adventure! heart 7
Floating Down the Rhine heart 41
Blue skies, hot days heart 19
Castles, castles, everywhere! heart 27
Castles, castles and more castles heart 55
Reminiscing heart 33
Rain and Reign heart 31
Klimt heart 52
Flat is Flat heart 45
Sunny day, perfect temperatures! heart 40
It’s all downhill to Vienna.... Not!! heart 30
No Rain! heart 39
Linz, for Linzer Tort heart 29
Water, water everywhere heart 25
And Then There Were Seven heart 24
On the Train again heart 26
Purses, Paintings and Palaces heart 33
Mountain Biking! heart 22
Sunny Skies!!! heart 36
Last day in Zell am See heart 28
Second Winter heart 45
Take High Road or Low Road heart 16
Pushing bikes up hill paid off heart 22
White Gold, the Wealth of Salzburg. heart 27
The Real Scoop heart 25
Tourist day in Salzburg heart 47
When the river isn’t to the right! heart 36
Self supported day 2 heart 30
Self supported along the Inn river heart 28
Castles, Rivers and Relatives heart 28
Tchuss Amsterdam, Hallo Deutchland heart 22
World Class heart 17
Green Heart of Holland heart 24
Solitude heart 17
Flower Power heart 58
Windmills, tulips, brick streets, bright skies and wooden shoes heart 61
Rain gear windmills and tulips heart 24
The Super Tulip Tour Begins! heart 32
Van Gogh-ing today heart 7
Amsterdam City Walk heart 22
We Are Here! heart 19
Amsterdam or Bust heart 16
Irises from the Garden, Van Gogh Here We Come! heart 12
Getting Ready heart 12