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April 21, 2019

Irises from the Garden, Van Gogh Here We Come!

Less than 24 hours before the journey begins.

Van Gogh here we come.
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We are down to the nitty gritty.

After months of thinking about what to take and replacing worn out riding pants the night arrived for the big packing test.  The goal, one bag to carry on and one medium size duffle or smaller to check. No more than 20 pounds that must fit in two 20 liter panniers for 6 weeks of clothing for both on and off the bike, in rain or shine, in cold or mild weather. The outcome. Let's just put it this way, we'll be wearing most of our outer ware on the plane and more than a few items will be left behind.

Down to one backpack and a carry on.
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The blue case is a cooler that will strap on to the bike's rear rack. In it we will carry my RA meds and Jane's MS meds.
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A perfect gift from a neighbor.
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If you are interested read on for the packing list.

 Packing List

Bike Related:

Camelback and/or water bottle

Waterproof front bag

Tools: patch kit, spoke key, chain tool, multi-tool, tire levers (only one set for group)



Rear light



3 pair of cycling pants

4-5 jerseys (styles that can also be worn off the bike as tops)

4-5 pair of socks

2 pair of riding gloves

1-2 headbands or buffs

Wind vest/ or convertible jacket

Down vest

Knit Gloves

Rain jacket

Rain pants

Shoes to ride in (hiking boots, riding specific shoes or trail sneakers)

Off bike shoes

1-2 casual shirts (or none if you wanted mor jerseys or didn't have space)

2 pair of pants 

4 pair underwear 

3 bras (one sport to double as bathing suit top)



Camp towel




Medicines (we are taking a cooler for 3 of us to use to keep our meds “refrigerated”)

Plastic bags gallon, trash or 2 gallon

Shower cap (helmet cover in case of rain)

Bungee cords

First aid kit (one for the group with others bringing extra bandaids)


Money/document belt

Electrical converter 

Small purse (optional)

Clothes wash packets or leaves of detergent

Chamois Butter

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