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Retyrement on 2 Wheels 2

Geneva to Venice - the Indirect Route.

By Michael Hutching & Ann Hutching
4,087 km (2,538 miles) over 122 days between May 21, 2018 and Sep. 19, 2018
Auckland to Geneva heart 3
Geneva heart 3
Geneva to Seyssel heart 6
Seyssel to Port Mur heart 9
Port Mur to La Balme des Grottes heart 4
La Brosse to Lyon heart 3
Lyon heart 2
Lyon to St Vallier heart 3
Vallier to Valence heart 3
Valence to Cruas heart 2
Cruas to Châteauneuf-du-Pape heart 3
Châteauneuf-du-Pape to Avignon heart 3
Avignon to Arles heart 6
Arles to Salin de Giraud heart 2
Salin-de-Giraud to Aigues-Mortes heart 4
Aigues-Mortes Exploration heart 2
Aigues-Mortes to Toulouse via Sète heart 3
Toulouse to Grissoles heart 3
Grissolles to Valence d’Agen heart 4
Valence d’Agen to Port Saint Marie heart 2
St Laurent to St Macaire heart 2
St Macaire to Bordeaux heart 3
Bordeaux Exploration heart 2
Bordeaux to Hourtin. heart 2
Hourtin to Royan heart 2
Royan to Rochefort heart 3
Rochefort to La Rochelle heart 4
La Rochelle to Damvix heart 3
Damvix to Champdeniers St Denis. heart 3
Champdeniers-Saint-Denis to Airvault heart 3
Airvault to Thouars heart 2
Thouars to Samur. heart 4
Saumur to Angers heart 5
Angers to Chateau-Gontier heart 4
Chateau-Gontier to Laval heart 3
Laval to Ambrieres-les-Vallees. heart 3
Ambrieres-les-Valees to Flers heart 5
Flers to Thury Harcourt heart 2
Thury-Harcourt to Ouistreham heart 3
Ouistreham to Southampton heart 4
Southampton to Salisbury. heart 4
Salisbury to Hinton Charterhouse heart 4
Hinton Charterhouse to Chepstow via Bristol and the Severn Bridge. heart 7
Chepstow to Ross on Wye heart 2
Ross on Wye to Hereford and Hereford to Abermule. heart 3
A Week in Wales: Abermule, Swansea and Gower Peninsula. heart 5
Abermule to Leamington Spa heart 3
At Carlisle heart 6
Carlisle to Haltwhistle. heart 4
Haltwhistle to Prudhoe. heart 6
Prudhoe to Newcastle on Tyne. heart 4
Exploring Newcastle heart 7
Amersterdam Port to Warmond heart 3
Wormand campground and visit to Leiden heart 2
Wormand to Schoonhaven heart 1
Schoonhaven to ‘S Hertogenbosch heart 1
S- Hertogenbosch to Rosmalen heart 2
Berghem to Heide. heart 2
Heide to Het Inj, allotment campground. heart 2
Het Inj to Brommelen heart 2
Brommelen to Liege heart 2
Liège to Huy. heart 3
Ampsin to Namur. heart 2
Namur to Waulsort heart 5
Waulsort to Monthermé. heart 2
Monthermé to Sedan. heart 2
Sedan to Doulcon heart 3
Doulcon to Verdun heart 2
Visiting Verdun heart 2
Verdun to Strasbourg heart 2
Exploring Strasbourg heart 3
Strasbourg to Obernai heart 0
Obernai to Selestat heart 4
Selestat to Neuf Brisach heart 2
Neuf Brisach to Huningue heart 2
Huningue to Yverdon-les-Bains heart 3
Swiss Sojourn heart 5
At Yverdon-les-Bains heart 3
Yverdon to Munich by train heart 1
Munich heart 1
Munich to Rosenheim heart 4
Rosenheim to Bergen heart 4
Bergen to Salzburg heart 2
In Salzburg heart 1
Salzburg to Golling heart 1
Golling to St Johann Im Pongau heart 1
St Johann im Pongau to Bad Gastein heart 10
Bad Gastein to Spitall heart 3
Spittal am Drau to Villach heart 2
Villach to Tarvisio heart 7
Tarvisio to Venzone heart 8
Venzone to Udine heart 10
Unwinding in Udine heart 2
Udine to Aquileia heart 3
Aquileia to Grado heart 5
Aquileia to Cervignano; Cervignano to Mestre; Mestre to Camping Rialto. heart 2
Boxing Day in Venice heart 2
Camping Rialto and Venice. heart 19
Epilogue heart 2