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June 7, 2018

Aigues-Mortes to Toulouse via Sète

We reach Sète despite the marinas, the condominiums, Le golfe et Le plage and Sturm und drang.

June 7 Thursday 57kms

Aigues- Mortes to Toulouse via Sète 

We reach Sète despite the marinas, the condominiums, Le golfe et Le plage and Sturm und drang. 

Fond farewells to Joachim and his sweet little apartment .

Le Grand Roi is the first challenge. There are marinas, ports, canals and bridges. We spoke to lots of people along the way. “Direction Sète” ? The path or Voie Vert takes  us along the back of extensive holiday apartments on square pavers with gaps that are lethal to front wheels of bikes. I am therefore  glad I have  a frozen bottle of water onboard to apply to the lump that appears  instantly after my tumble.

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La Grande Motte
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1980s chic. Apartments making a statement.
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Though it sounds like  the waves thundering on the beach,  it is in the grey clouds building above us. By La Grand Motte it is very damp, and after putting our jackets on, it’s a ‘grey out’. The raindrops are bouncing, cars send arcs of water towards us. We give up on avoiding puddles and plough on through. Mercifully the dedicated cycle  track is fast and smooth and the wind Is behind us.

Signage comes  and goes. M is certain he has read of a route along the sandspit, but we are  now on the “litoral’ There is an enormous Etang between the land and the sea with islands and waterways and canals crisscrossing. Faint blue ahead as skies clear and we see  more flamingos and white egrets.

Surf activity.
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Pavalas-Les-Flots. Just checking the surface of the alternative route we didn’t take.
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Canal du Rhone a Sète
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Fortunately Sète Gare has some comfortable seating out of the cold, a coffee machine, and wifi, as we must now wait til 6.15pm . (The earlier train subject to the strike). We’ve eaten our packed lunch and the last of the Whitakers and the damper regions are drying out. All is well.

We carry bikes and gear to the platform and meet another four couples waiting. We all squeeze on and chat to an older couple from Lille who have cycled the Canal du Midi- she has an ebike. They are good value and our conversation takes up most of the trip. The train is delayed by recent flooding and so our arrival time for accommodation in Toulouse is affected. Our companions kindly call our hostess, Deborah, and explain. 

Sète Gare.
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We exit Toulouse Gare to a warm evening- it’s after 10:00pm so we need to move. Fortunately Ann has the direction sorted, and despite not having good lights, we arrive to find Deborah waiting outside a slightly seedy looking building. We apologise for our late arrival, unload bikes and carry the lot to etage quatre.

Here is an an apartment, kitchen, shower, toilet and common area. We have our own room which is enormous, so bikes fit easily. Windows open to warm night light and look down to tiled roofs below. We shower, dine on apples and cheese and tea. Bed at midnight - sleep is instantaneous.

Today's ride: 57 km (35 miles)
Total: 730 km (453 miles)

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