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June 14, 2018

Bordeaux to Hourtin.

The long unwinding road....Straight through to Hourtin.

June 14 Thursday 71kms 

Bordeaux to Hourtin.

The long unwinding road....Straight through to Hourtin.

The last ant stowaways are swept up before we leave the Bordeaux apartment. (Consequence of camping).

Ants despatched, ready to ride.
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Bordeaux signage is excellent. We make good progress out of the city and north to the huge lac du Bordeaux. Looks good for water sports. The C Tram goes out this far. Their public transport system is admirable. Three tramlines cover the city.

City becomes country then we are on a straight path. Was it a train line for logging, or built in the war when the coastal defences were so solid?

The long unwinding road...
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Lunch at Salaunes. Track has some pleasant stopping places.
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Relish the filled rolls I made before leaving , but then hungry again by Lacanau. Chausson pommes do the trick, and renewed, we push on to Hourtin through pines and a straight track, arriving there at about 6:00pm. Find a campground- plenty of space, hot showers with no timers, a pool but a little cool. 

Campsite at Hourtin.
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Have communication from Exped. They will see what they can do. We take photos and send with Lot numbers. Then bin the mats as they are unusable and extra weight.

A boute of frites supplements our supplies. A hot shower. Bed at 8:00pm. Can one ask for anything more?

Today's ride: 71 km (44 miles)
Total: 1,082 km (672 miles)

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