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From Retyrement on 2 Wheels 2 by Michael Hutching & Ann Hutching

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Robyn Richards replied to a comment by Ann Hutching on Exploring Newcastle

Hi Ann
No, I only discovered CycleBlaze last year, which was our first year of actual (though 'credit card') cycle touring. That 2018 trip, after a week cycling in Amsterdam, we hired a panel van in Newcastle, shoved the bikes in the back and spent 3 weeks driving to mountainbike parks and rail trails in Scotland, England and Wales. We had a ball!
The year before, we cycled in Switzerland.
I wrote blogs about those cycling trips:
I bet you're enjoying reliving your adventures...

I wrote blogs though:

4 months ago
Ann Hutching replied to a comment by Robyn Richards on Exploring Newcastle

Hi Robyn,
Good to hear from fellow travellers.
The cabins were a squeeze - bikes would have been a challenge! Have you recorded your 2018 trip on cycle blaze?
Michael is editing our cycle diaries for this site, ( previously on Wordpress), so we are re-living the experience day by day.
Any plans for NZ touring?

4 months ago
Robyn Richards commented on Exploring Newcastle

Hello Michael
We did this ferry trip in reverse in August of 2018. What struck me was that you could leave your bikes in the hold while we had to lug ours up to the cabin. However, I've just re-read my trip notes, which reminded me that our bikes were in their bags. That makes sense, though we would have rather left them down below. They definitely took up most of the cabin floor . Enjoying reading your 2018 journal, thanks. Virtual travel from now on!

4 months ago
Tricia Graham commented on Thury-Harcourt to Ouistreham

I have been enjoying reading this , it is always fun to read someone elses trip on a route you have done. hopefully things will settle down and we will get away next year. We were due to leave in 3 weeks time ):

4 months ago