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Title Ratings
Keeping up with Rudolf 951
A Nostalgic Journey through Europe 2536
The Great Tasman Taste Trail 127
Munich to Paris the Long Way Round 1888
Wandering around North Germany 572
A Miraculous Tour Around France and Germany 72
Following Rivers and Pilgrim Trails from Zurich now Dawdling around France 2
Three Reasons for Riding Across Europe 62
Hunting down Ancient Tractors between Dusseldorf and Warsaw 19
The Tractors between London and Lisbon 77
From Copenhagen's Little Mermaid to Milan's Great Cathedral 58
Kiwis enjoying cycling in their own land 10
A River Route through Europe searching for a good cup of coffee 18
From the North Sea to the Adriatic 64
Riding the Via Francigina 58


Ken and I are two Kiwis both in our mid eighties who for the 12 years before Covid enjoyed a tour of around 3000km in The European summer.   I have for the last 3 years ridden an ebike but Ken is yet to give way to this weakness.  Now that Covid is largely over we feel that once more we can be on the road.  For the last couple of years I have had significant orthopaedic surgery which means although I ride a bike normally my walking is badly limited.  With a crutch in one hand and a walking stick in the other I am not too bad. Our son a design engineer has adapted these to make them suitable both for my needs and to be carried on a bike so we are off again.