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From Copenhagen's Little Mermaid to Milan's Great Cathedral

A wandering trip from Denmark to Milan still searching for coffee and old tractors

By Tricia Graham
3,540 km (2,198 miles) over 71 days between Aug. 1, 2012 and Oct. 10, 2012
We are off again heart 3
Gear Update heart 1
Excitement is mounting heart 1
We are an our way heart 1
Time in Brisbane - off the bike: August 2nd - August 5th heart 1
Arrival In Copenhagen heart 1
A day in the city of cycles heart 2
A very hard first day: We Make it to Koge heart 3
We camp: A lovely day through beautiful rural Denmark heart 1
To Stege on the Island of Mon heart 1
A day of island hopping: We are positoned for our ferry ride to Germany heart 4
From Denmark to Germany heart 2
Cycling in Denmark heart 1
Riding along the German Baltic on a sunny day heart 1
To Lubeck heart 1
Along the Lubeck Elbe Canal to Lauenburg heart 1
Riding in the rain along the Elbe then towards Bremen: A lovely day - we are getting stronger heart 2
Zig zagging through North Germany towards Bremen heart 2
A very hot day: Through Bremen and on to Dotlinger heart 1
An important day for our family: The temperature reaches 37 degrees heart 1
To Dorpin about 10km from Holland heart 1
Into the Netherlands: We have done over 1000 km !! heart 3
From Emmen to Dalfsen a small town near Zwolle: The heat has gone but we had a mighty head wind all day heart 3
We almost get to Arnem: Sorting out the frustrations of navigation heart 1
We do it by numbers and ride through Arnhem heart 1
To Nijmegen then along the Maas heart 1
Rain and wind but it does have a silver lining: We pass Floriade heart 2
Along the Maas and into Belgium: We make great progress and aren't far from Antwerp heart 1
We get to Ieper: 89km on the bike and a challenging train ride heart 3
Ieper: "In Flanders's fields the poppies blow" heart 1
To Dinant: The train to Namur then a lovely ride along the Meuse heart 3
Along the Meurse Through the Ardennes: Trouble at the nuclear reactor heart 2
Along the Meuse: La Route des Fortifications heart 0
On to Verdun: I am suprised by hills heart 0
From Verdun to Metz: Not a particularly easy day but fascinating heart 0
Metz: A lazy day heart 0
Metz to Perl heart 0
A day cycling in Luxembourg: We have done over 2000km ! heart 0
Perl to Neumagen Drag: Perfect cycle touring and lovely dogs heart 0
To Enkirch - the oldest wine town on the Moselle: Tractors heart 5
Cochem heart 0
Goodbye to the Moselle: Welcome to the Rhine heart 0
We start along the Middle Rhine: Our shortest day heart 0
Past Mainz: It cant always be easy heart 0
The Diet of Worms heart 0
To Speyer heart 0
A Bed in Neuberg heart 0
Strasbourg heart 0
Strasbourg to Colmar: A day on the canals and the SuperU heart 0
A Day Amongst the Vines in Alsace heart 0
From Colmar to St Louise: This will be our last night in France this year heart 0
Back in Germany to Laufenburg: We retrace our route of last year heart 0
To Schaffhaussen: Our first night in Switzerland heart 0
Schaffhausen to Konztance: We have done over 3000 km! heart 0
Along Bodensee: Germane, Switzerland and Ausria heart 0
Starting up the Alter Rhine: Beating the rain heart 0
To Chur heart 0
Through Alpine Villages: A Spectacular day heart 0
To Andermatt: By bike and by train heart 0
The St Gottard Pass: I feel very proud heart 0
Airolo to Biasca: It is steep heart 0
Lugano: I thought we were done with climbing heart 0
Como: From beautiful to diabolical and back again heart 0
Como: A restful day in beautiful weather heart 0
Milan's Cathedral: We have made it! heart 0
From Como to Malpensa Airport: The end of the ride after 3539km heart 0
Church and the Pack Up: We get to explore Cardano al Campo heart 0
Our Journey Home and a Summary: Some practicalities that my be useful heart 0