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October 3, 2012

Milan's Cathedral: We have made it!

We were off reasonably early to move the bikes and luggage to our new hotel then up to the station to go into Milan. The train was crowded and I expected to see a punch up at any time as the passengers scrambled for seats and tripped over the huge amounts of luggage everyone seemed to be carrying. It looked even worse than travelling with bikes to me.

Milan Centrali was a heaving mass of humanity – too much for us after our time peacefully riding our bikes in the country. We walked into the centre and were lucky to stumble on La Scala. We really enjoyed its museum. Ken delighted to see for the first time a keyed trumpet and we both felt very special high up in one of the boxes looking out at the magnificence of the theatre. The curtain was up and the stage set for the current performance. Through the elegance of the beautiful covered arcade with Prada, Louis Vuton etc and a parade of slim and beautiful people mixed in with the scruffy tourists. We burst into the Piazza of the Cathedral and there it was in all is glory. After 3500km we had made it from Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid to Milan’s Cathedral. We were lucky we had had very little trouble and lost nothing except a little weight. At the beginning of the trip I had refused to put on the start photo at the mermaid on the journal as it is such a terrible photo of me looking very fat. Ken however is insisting I put it on now to show that if you ride 3500km you can’t help but lose a little weight.

Milan Railway Station a monument to Fascism
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The picture I hate so much but it does prove re left from Copenhagen!
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We have made it!
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