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July 16, 2012

We are an our way

Colleen and Peter arrived yesterday afternoon. I feel so happy that they are staying in the house. They love animals and our lot have taken to them straight away. Even old Rose who is the world’s shyest dog is happy for them to talk to her and let them pat her. Bernie of course will be fine as he loves everyone though was getting a bit worried as he sensed his mother was going away. Just hope Lucy, the Birman Cat doesn’t drive them crazy as she has the typical raucous voice of a Birman and loves to use it particularly in the middle of the night.

I didn’t get much sleep last night as I was too excited so was glad that the Equestrian was on at the Olympics so I was able to watch that, so pleased that the Kiwis got a Bronze Medal in the team event. As expected the rowers are doing very well so hope we get a chance to see some of those finals.

Today we had little to do though I spent ages packing and repacking to get the weights quite right as we didn’t want to pay any excess. The problem was that the bikes had been packed in larger than usual boxes and well padded so they weighed in at 20kg each rather than their usual 18kg. The shuttle arrived in good time and my energy was rewarded when our luggage weighed in at 60.0kg, exactly on the allowance. The man at check in said we deserved a prize for perfect packing! Just wish he had given us a prize of an upgrade.

We are only flying to Brisbane tonight and will spend a couple of days with Jane and her family which will largely be spent attending the many sporting events they are all engaged in.

A pretty easy flight, it is not much more than 3 hours and there was not a bump. As we expected biosecurity at Brisbane opened up the bike boxes but luckily didn’t take the bikes right out so just a matter of taping everything down securely again. A bit of damage to the boxes but the bikes themselves looked OK, we can’t tell that though until we start riding. Lucky Jane’s car is big so everything fitted in neatly.

With all our luggage. Bernie is a bit suspicious
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Colleen and Peter help us load up the shuttle.
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What a relief all the luggage got checked in with no excess, we did however have to wear most of our clothes!
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