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A River Route through Europe searching for a good cup of coffee

A trip that follows the Eurovelo6 as far as Budapest, a double back to Passau and over the Dolomites

By Tricia Graham
3,821 km (2,373 miles) over 63 days between Aug. 5, 2011 and Oct. 6, 2011
A little about us heart 1
The Plan heart 1
The Bikes heart 1
Our Gear List heart 0
Almost Ready: I thought we would have a broken spoke before the wheels even turned heart 2
We are off ! heart 0
Brisbane heart 0
Riding in Paris is Fantastic ! heart 1
Towards Chartres heart 0
Chartres heart 0
Nantes: A very strange train trip heart 1
A start along the Loire: An easy day and we camp! heart 0
Riding in the rain: Disaster strikes heart 1
Ken saves the day: My Hero!! heart 2
I Consider Making a Voodoo Doll: We make it to the lovely town of Chinon heart 0
A delightful easy morning: We have trouble getting past Tours heart 0
Half way between Blois and Orleans: We went too far. heart 0
We pass Orleans: A more sensible distance heart 0
The Antique Fair in Gien: We beat the heat heart 0
A Head Wind to St Satur- Sancerre: Sunday heart 0
A wonderful farm stay near Nevers: Further than we meant in this heat but we had difficulty finding accomodation heart 0
A short day to Decize heart 0
An easy day to Digoin: Tomorrow we leave the Loire our first river heart 0
Along the Canal du Cantre to Changy: We have done more than 1000km !! heart 0
Between the Saone and the Doube at Suerre: We completely escape the orage heart 0
A very short ride to St Jean de Losne: A wonderful welcome from Rosemary and John heart 0
We Cruise to Dole heart 0
From Dole to Bescancon: An easy ride along the canal and river heart 0
An Idealic Ride Alond the Doubs to Montbeliard heart 0
To Mulhouse: The amazing Bugatti museum heart 0
Three Coutries in Five Minutes heart 0
Along the Rhine: A day of highs and lows heart 0
We Reach the Source of the Danube: 18% gradients and a tractor fair heart 0
From the source of the Danube: We reach the very holy village of Beuron heart 0
A Dark and Mysterious Gorge heart 0
The Lovely City of Ulm heart 0
To Donau worth: We are in Bavaria heart 0
To Ingolstadt: A day of frustrations heart 0
To Kelheim: We have a boat ride down the Danube Gorge heart 0
Over 2000 km: It happened , we lost each other heart 0
A hot day to Deddendorf: The Autumn Market is on today heart 0
The Organ Concert ! heart 0
A Magical Day: Nearly at Linz heart 0
Through Linz to Grein: Sunshine turns to rain heart 1
Another day of magic: We reach the wine growing region of the Wachau heart 0
Wandering through the winw villages of the Wachau: We reach Tulln heart 0
past Vienna on our way to Slovakia and Hungary heart 0
Three Countries in the Morning: A head wind battle heart 0
A lovely day in rural Hungary: The Thermal Spa of Komarom heart 0
To Esztergom: An eyeopener in Slovakia heart 0
We are in Budapest: We have cycled 1239 km along the Danube from its source heart 0
Vienna: A nightmare on the trains heart 0
Passau again: The end of the trains thank goodness heart 0
We start our journey along the Inn: It is good to be back on bikes - and the ABs beat the French heart 0
In a little modern town on the Inn: We have done more than 3000km heart 0
A lot of ups and downs: It was a good day heart 0
Into the Tyrol: We are staying in a castle heart 0
Through Innsbruck and on to Haiming: Another lovely day in the Tyrol heart 0
Into the Mountains to the ski village of Ried: Lots of ups and downs heart 1
Almost to the Top: Another day in Austria heart 1
Into Italy: In the Apple Capital of the World heart 3
Another day of Apple Orchards: Nearly at Trento heart 2
Il Treno heart 0
Along the Brenta River: A change in direction heart 0
Out of the Mountains: We are tourists in Bassano heart 0
Across the Plains to Treviso heart 0
A Wet Day in Treviso heart 0
A Trip to the Mountains Aborted: We are in Venice heart 0
At the End of a Wonderful Adventure: Hotel Mary heart 0
2012 heart 0