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October 7, 2011

A Wet Day in Treviso

We had decided last night to have another night in Treviso. A lucky decision it was too as about 8am a massive electrical storm hit the place with torrential rain, so we were very pleased not to be on our bikes and they were nice and dry in their shed. It was a day of sorting things out. Got together a bundle of maps and other things to post home. Had a wonderful workmen's lunch then slept it off. By the time we woke the rain had stopped so we had a really good explore of the town. It is interesting because it is built at the confluence of two rivers and these have been diverted in various directions so they form a kind of moat around the old city and canals through it. If it doesn't rain tomorrow we will head up into or towards the hills or if it does we will go straight to Venice.

The river aroubd Treviso
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The crypt of the Duomo
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