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A Miraculous Tour Around France and Germany

We will be hunting down old tractors along the way

By Tricia Graham
2,942 km (1,827 miles) over 73 days between Jul. 27, 2017 and Oct. 7, 2017
A Miracle heart 1
Looking forward to leaving winter heart 2
We are off heart 2
A weekend in Brisbane heart 2
Paris heart 1
St Arnoult: A very difficult day heart 2
Chartres: Horrendous head winds all day heart 1
A rest day in Chartres heart 1
Illiers Comray heart 1
Nogent le Rotrou: A much better day heart 1
Mortagne au Perche: A good day with a twist in the tail heart 1
Alencon heart 1
Nantes: Trains heart 1
Ancensis: We get to meet Michel and Jeannette heart 1
Angers: More rather frustrating train travel heart 1
Saumur: A great day's riding heart 1
Chinon: A short easy day heart 1
Tours heart 1
Amboise: Up among the vines heart 1
Blois heart 1
Beaugency: Visiting Chambord for Jan heart 1
Chateuneuf sur Loire: Rain rain and more rain heart 1
Gien: The antique fair heart 0
St Satur: Le Manifestation des Chiens heart 1
Nevers heart 1
Le Petit Robinson: Rather unusual accommodation heart 1
Borbon Lancy heart 1
Paray le Monial: Not as far as we thought heart 1
St Ledger: We meet up with Rosemary and John heart 1
Beaune: A short but fantastic day heart 1
St Jean de Losne: Rosemary and John's home port heart 1
Rochfort sur Neon heart 1
Bescancon: We meet some other KIwis heart 1
Baume les Dames heart 1
Montbeliard: The Peugeot Musuen heart 1
Mulhouse: Into Alsace heart 1
Neuenburg am Rhin: Mud heart 1
Colmar heart 1
Strassbourg heart 1
Strasbourg: A day of rest and planning heart 1
Ecluse 34 heart 1
Sarrebourg - photos added heart 1
Zetting photos added heart 1
Saarbrucken: From France to Germany heart 1
Mettlach: A day of two halves heart 1
To Trier: A great day and we reach the Moselle heart 1
Neumengem: We have done 2000km heart 0
Enkirk heart 1
Cochem: This was not meant to be a mountain biking expedition heart 1
Koblenz: Not a drop of rain fell on us all day heart 1
Oberwesel: Castles rising from the mist heart 1
Rudesheim: We leave the Rhine heart 1
Hattersheim: Not the best of days heart 1
Seligenstadt heart 2
Miltenberg heart 1
Marktheidenfeld: A lovely ride heart 1
Lohr: Ken was in tractor heaven! heart 1
Wurzburg: A perfect day of cycle touring heart 0
Kitzingen: Elaction Day in Germany heart 1
Schweinfurt photos added: This is a big industrial city heart 1
Bamberg heart 1
Bamberg: A day off wandering,drinking coffee and beer heart 1
Bad Staffelstein: A very different day heart 1
Altenkunstadt: Harder than we thought it would be heart 1
Bayreuth: A harder day than we thought it would be heart 1
Bayreuth: A quite day learning about Wagner heart 1
Frankfurt: The horrors of train travel heart 1
Ibis Hotel Frankfurt Airport: The wheels stop turning heart 1
A bit about different cycle routes heart 2