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Wandering around North Germany

Always on the look out for old and interesting tractors

By Tricia Graham
2,270 km (1,410 miles) over 45 days between Aug. 21, 2018 and Oct. 4, 2018
About us heart 21
The count down heart 7
Brisbane heart 2
Floating Down the Danube heart 3
Bulgaria heart 4
Serbia heart 3
We have made it to Budapest heart 8
The Pearl of the Danube heart 13
The Hunt for Bikes heart 10
0n Our Way We get to Tespe heart 15
To Hitzacker heart 14
An easy day to Lensen heart 14
To Havelburg heart 7
To Rathenow heart 12
To Nauen - one days ride from Berlin heart 10
Navigating through Berlin heart 13
A Day in Berlin heart 4
Somewhere near Marienwedder heart 7
Prenzlau heart 15
Ukermunde heart 17
Poking Around Uekermunde heart 13
To Locknitz See heart 6
A leisurely day to Mescherin heart 14
Into Poland to Cedynia heart 15
Kostrzyn - Polland heart 8
30km South of Frankfurt/Oder at Eisenhuttenstadt heart 9
Forst heart 20
Przewoz - Poland heart 11
Gorlitz heart 15
Zittau - the end of stage 3 for us heart 11
The train to Dresden and we are on our way to Prague heart 12
Our first day in the Czech Republic heart 24
To Melnick heart 9
Melincke Vinobrani heart 8
Prague heart 12
The Escape from Prague heart 6
Through the glorious Czech countryside to Tabor heart 18
Another day of hills to Cesky Bodejovice heart 6
To the tourist Mecca of Cesky Kromlov heart 19
Out of the Czech Republic into Austria heart 7
We reach the Danube at Linz heart 12
Nearly to Passau heart 19
Passau and the Organ Concert heart 9
A Wonderful ride to Deggendorf heart 8
A very easy day to Straubing heart 14
A Leisurely Trip to Regensburg heart 7
The Audi Museum in Ingolstadt heart 2
Today's photos heart 8
To Kelheim heart 6
Abensburg heart 5
At Freising nearly in Munich heart 16
Munich heart 7
The bikes are hibernating heart 12
Buying Bikes in Europe heart 5