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July 26, 2018

Amersterdam Port to Warmond

Cyclists heaven. Plenty of cycle paths and reliable signage. Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

July 26 Thursday 45kms

Amersterdam Port to Warmond 

Cyclists heaven. Plenty of cycle paths and reliable signage. Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

Wake to the rousing tune of the shipboard early caller ensuring no passenger enjoys an undeserved sleep in. After a blasting hot shower in our minuscule bathroom we head up on deck for coffee. The first indication that land is at hand are the giant windmills powering away out from shore. Before long we manage to lug our gear down to our bikes and load up. I notice the old chap who made the sudden reversal in his Volvo SUV, resulting in nose to tails for several distraught car owners, sitting calmly at the wheel. Nevertheless I give him a wide berth.

We cycle from the ferry into a warming early morning- first impressions are of wide, easy cycling paths well signposted routes. The cycle paths are numbered and are frequently on both sides of the road. Soon it is Intensely hot though, and we mix it with lots of cyclists heading for the beach with every style of conveyance.

Offshore wind farm.
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Disembarked and ready to go - but which direction?
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Now the realisation comes to us that we have landed in Amsterdam and not the Hoek of Holland and that the two are close but not synonymous. Consequently we will need to cycle southeast to bisect the Maas River Route. Not a major issue but one which reveals the importance of research!

We decide to head for Leiden, a sizeable city with an interesting network of canals. The route across to Leiden is such an impression of neat gardens and orderliness after the wilds of Newcastle, fascinating city though it was, that it is almost hard to accept the contrast.

Colourful apartment building IJmuiden-West.
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A scorcher of a day but the cycle paths are great.
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Gardens with neat hedging run down to canals and nowhere seems far from water, though replenishing water bottles is a challenge as fountains are hard to find. Litter, which in places in England seemed to have reached an overwhelming level, doesn’t seem to exist in Holland. A generalisation no doubt, but why the difference?

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By 3:00pm it’s 35 deg! Close to Leiden, in Wormand, we begin looking for camping and find a wonderful small ground thanks to the assistance of a young English chap who has been living in the area for a number of years. I think he sees us as a bit of a challenge- he jumps on his bike and we follow down a series of lanes until we find Warmond camping. It’s a small site with caravans and one small facility block. The manager is very welcoming and we select a place.

Despite the ‘five o’clock furnace’ when the sun hits with an intensity just before it disappears, we place our tent in full sun to take advantage of the shade for the following morning. We dine on our tomatoes, soup and current buns and tea. A cold shower cools us a little but it’s not till late that we lose our internal heat. Strangely there’s a short burst of thunder and lightening and some welcome rain. We also seem to be under the flight path for Schiphol but that doesn’t bother us.

Today's ride: 45 km (28 miles)
Total: 2,472 km (1,535 miles)

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