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August 14, 2018

Verdun to Strasbourg

Air and rail support- we inflate the tyres and train east.

August 14 Tuesday 11kms

Verdun to Strasbourg

Air and rail support- we inflate our tyres and train east.

The sky is clearing as we head for the local cycle repair shop. We arrive and are immediately in good hands as the technician has recently returned from Australia and prides himself on the fact that he picked our accents.

In no time he has replaced the fluid in Ann’s tubeless tyres - both were empty he says! We farewell him and move on to the Gare. Here we ask about the possibility of a train to Strasbourg. Yes - there’s one at 18:14. Arriving at 22:00. Good- but there’s a catch. Two changes. How much time between changes ? 15minutes- good! And 6 minutes- tricky! But we go ahead anyway. Then we need to book a place to stay that has late arrival. Great - Ann finds an apartment near the centre, someone on site and  €45 a night- got to be a catch - none obvious- booked!

Back to the campground we pack up and then sit in their cafeteria drinking coffee and reading. Later it’s off to the station and the wait for the train. In short, all goes perfectly. Metz has a lift and even the 6 minutes break at Sarrebourg works with me carrying the bikes up and down two stairways while Ann does the bags.

Strasbourg ala 1950s.
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The Rhine at Strasbourg.
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And our hotel- small but perfectly formed. We are permitted a velo in the room since their stair well space is chocka, but I take up the other as well, standing them on their rear wheel in the lift. Even the sound of the train belting by at 11:00pm doesn’t keep us from our slumbers.
All is well, we are in the city of a gothic cathedral and Alsatian cuisine.

Today's ride: 11 km (7 miles)
Total: 3,197 km (1,985 miles)

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