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May 31, 2018

Valence to Cruas

A Drôme deviation.

Valence to Cruas 45kms

Thursday, May 31st.

A Drôme deviation.

Clear Appart City and join the early morning gardeners tidying up gardens and raking the gravel. Grey clouds loom and jackets in use.

Soyon, Charmes Sur Rhone, are passed and La Vaulte Sur Rhone provides a sunny lunch stop under the plane trees beside the river. Above the town an ancient castle tops the limestone cliff. Below us a canal boat is moored and we wave to the diners about to dine on board.

Lunch at La Vaulte-sur-Rhone.
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Where we crossed at La Vaulte. But should we have?
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We cross river on suspension bridge. Was that where we went wrong? We follow signs and although I note they had 91 on them, I do not protest. We continue through greenways and two deep fords where we walk the bikes , until we come to a hydroelectric station.

Our guidebook said we ‘might’ have to ford.
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And we did.
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But it was the wrong ford.
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Back and forth across the dam: no signs! But a road direction to Le Pouzin is the only option. It is on the route. 7 km on road, a visit to Le Mairie, a cold lemonade, and voila!.. at 3.30 pm we are back on track, but well behind planned schedule. Nothing to be done.

Cross a new suspension bridge for cyclists ( to avoid a ford!), wooden rails edge the way, pristine surface, money has been spent here. Through ancient Baix we are directed away from main road via alleys and covered archways.

At Cruas there is camping. It's three star rating is long gone. Lots of caravans and cabins which we assume house workers for the local industry. Facilities include blocked sinks, but there is hot water.

Cruas Abbey bell tower.
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All well after ravioli, salad , peaches and yoghurt dinner with cup of tea and biscuits to follow. 

Today's ride: 45 km (28 miles)
Total: 383 km (238 miles)

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