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The Really Long Way Round

An attempt to journey around the world using only a bicycle and boats, and get sued by Ewan McGregor

By Chris Pountney
40,881 km (25,387 miles) over 1126 days between Jul. 15, 2013 and Aug. 13, 2016
What have we here? heart 15


Introduction: Really it's a long way heart 14
About me and my crew: I'm just a boy, standing in front of a bicycle... heart 11
About my wheels: I'm just a bicycle, standing in front of a boy... heart 11
The Challenges: These ain't no rules heart 6


Phase One: Cycle to Australia

1. FRANCE: (15th-17th July 2013)

It begins: Oh Paris, you shouldn't have heart 40
French Revolutions: What the hell does that mean Bear? heart 15

2. BELGIUM: (17th-18th July 2013)

The great Belgian waffle hunt: Country-bagging at its worst heart 9

3. LUXEMBOURG: (18th July 2013)

Luxurybourg: Its one of the richest countries in the world, don't you know? heart 20

4. GERMANY: (18th-30th July 2013)

The Mosel and more: Out of my way, I've got a party to get to heart 21
Make Mainz a double: And what was that about a bonus challenge? heart 18
The Romantic Rhine: Warm and with company heart 22
It wasn't the nicest cycling ever: Beyond Cologne heart 23

5. NETHERLANDS: (30th-31st July 2013)

The great Dutch windmill hunt: Country bagging at its best heart 13

4. GERMANY: (31st July - 7th August 2013)

This again?: Across Germany heart 9
Hamburg: Hanging with Karin heart 7
After Hamburg: To the ends of Germany heart 8

6. DENMARK: (7th-9th August 2013)

Denmark day one: A bridge full of spiders heart 4
Copenhagen: It is nicer when it is sunny heart 12

7. SWEDEN: (9th-13th August 2013)

Welcome to the land of red barns: The things I learned on my first days in Sweden heart 14
Cherno part one: Without the byl heart 8
Cherno part two: We're talking to Denzel about the movie heart 14

8. NORWAY: (13th-24th August 2013)

First day in Norway: A great start! heart 9
Oslo: Home of the angry baby heart 10
No way Norway: It doesn't rain like this in Canada heart 17
Rallarvegen: (The Romantic Rallarvegen) heart 24
Mountains, fjords, mountains and fjords: And some goats heart 23
Another day, another mountain: Too much up heart 8
To the high mountains!: For the last time! heart 5
A strange Viking man of the mountains: And the long downhill heart 8
The moose changed everything: And was that a groundhog? heart 4

7. SWEDEN: (24th-28th August 2013)

The race across Sweden: I said no chewing heart 6

9. FINLAND: (28th August - 9th September 2013)

A long boat trip and a lot of islands: And a familiar face heart 6
Finland with Karin: A photographic journey heart 15
Helsinki: And the rest of Finland heart 11

10. RUSSIA: (9th-15th September 2013)

Russia part one: Who's driver? heart 2
It's not just Ladas and tower blocks: The many faces of Russia heart 6
Deeper into Russia: Out of my way bitch heart 4
Into Saint Petersburg: I've seen this movie heart 7
Saint Petersburg: Friday the 13th heart 10
Out of the city: What if she isn't an alien?! heart 6
Time to get out of here: Russhing out of Russia heart 4

11. ESTONIA: (15th-21st September 2013)

Back to Europe: Nice to see EU heart 4
First full day in Estonia: Still having trouble figuring it out heart 2
Six Reasons why Estonia is an amazing place to do a bike tour: (and no, I'm not being sarcastic) heart 5
Tallinn: A gem of a place heart 10
Tallinn to Latvia: I came up with a cunning plan heart 8

12. LATVIA: (21st-24th September 2013)

It always rains in Latvia: And that is a sure fact heart 6

13. LITHUANIA: (24th September - 8th October 2013)

Daniel's response: It's not what we deserved heart 1
Vilnius Part One: Organising a Belarus visa heart 5
Exploring the surrounding surroundings: On a quest for the 'Mythical Stone'!!! heart 14
Vilnius Part Two: If you're reading this? heart 3
The longest ride: Part one heart 4

14. POLAND: (8th-9th October 2013)

The longest ride: Part two heart 3

15. BELARUS: (9th-10th October 2013)

Stop Press!: Briton cycling around the world, visits Belarus, meets girl! heart 7
Stop Press Again!: Briton cycling around the world, visits Belarus, hates interviews! heart 10

14. POLAND: (10th-22nd October 2013)

Into Poland: Spying on geese, a man on a rickshaw, and a crucial World Cup Qualifier heart 9
Warsaw: Saw war heart 13
South through Poland: Cos I am a champion... heart 8
All hail 'Well-behaved baby!': A reader contribution! heart 4
The Reflective Angel!: And a party to remember! heart 6
Some images from Krakow: Viewed with a hangover heart 7
The rest of Poland: Still mostly pictures heart 8

16. CZECH REPUBLIC: (22nd-29th October 2013)

Czech this out!: What a place! heart 5
To the high mountains: For a cold beer or hot grog??? heart 17
Prague: And the rest of the country heart 14

4. GERMANY: (29th October - 5th November 2013)

Return to Munich: I'm never drinking again heart 5
A relatively pointless and yet somehow completely worthwhile personal endeavour: Kind of like this whole trip heart 5

17. AUSTRIA: (5th November 2013)

Four countries, no passport, one day: It always rains in Austria! heart 4

18. LIECHTENSTEIN: (5th November 2013)

Four countries, no passport, one day: Now that's worldwide! heart 5

19. SWITZERLAND: (5th-8th November 2013)

Four countries, no passport, one day: The rain in Switzerland falls mainly on the cyclist heart 4
Introducing Dr Dave: The medicine man heart 9

4. GERMANY: (8th-25th November 2013)

Dr Dave takes the train: It beats walking heart 7
Dr Dave goes too far: Our first fight heart 3
Dr Dave gets wet: Munich at last heart 5
Two weeks in Munich: Fixing my rack heart 6
Auf Wiedersehen: MovINN on heart 17

17. AUSTRIA: (25th-26th November 2013)

One Fine Day - Part One: Let it snow! heart 23
One Fine Day - Part Two: Passau = Passwow! heart 1

17. AUSTRIA: (26th November - 6th December 2013)

One Fine Day - Part Three: Its still the same day heart 5
The most beautiful cycle path in the world: But the least used? heart 19
Ice kalt: Feelin' hot, hot, hot heart 7
Vienna: It is the capital of Austria heart 30

20. SLOVAKIA: (6th December 2013)

Three hours in Slovakia: The last place I've been before for a while heart 6

21. HUNGARY: (6th-11th December 2013)

Its not always easy to cycle in Magyarorszag: What the hell is this, Eurovelo 6? heart 26
Into Budapest: Adventures in the night heart 9
Budapest: People are so nice! heart 17
The rest of Hungary: My own little bike-about heart 6

20. SLOVAKIA: (11th-12th December 2013)

Just a few hours in Slovakia: Again heart 5

21. HUNGARY: (12th December 2013)

How brave I felt: I thought these were cruel and bloodthirsty men heart 13

20. SLOVAKIA: (13th-18th December 2013)

Friday the 13th in Slovakia: Why does this keep happening to me? heart 10
I stared death in the face: For the third night in a row heart 12
That's a lot of snow actually isn't it?: A night or two in Svidnik heart 37
The rest of Slovakia: That's what I thought old boy heart 20

14. POLAND: (18th-21st December 2013)

A few days in Poland: My 21st favourite country so far heart 37

22. UKRAINE: (21st December 2013 - 2nd January 2014)

Hello Ukraine, I've come from the West: and I'd like to get into your crisis heart 13
Christmas in Lviv: Part One: You're a bit old for a children's Christmas party aren't you? heart 24
Christmas in Lviv: Part Two: The Queen of course heart 14
Christmas in Lviv: Part Three: Get that dog out of here! heart 2
Lviving Lviv: Thats a terrible attempt at a pun and I'm sorry heart 10
Lets focus on the positives: A spot of blind couch-surfing heart 19
People are awesome!: I realised that I liked Ukraine a lot heart 25
The worst New Year ever: Babsuhkas and bad men heart 12
Last day in Ukraine: What hard times dear Santa has fallen on heart 18

23. MOLDOVA: (2nd-11th January 2014)

Moldova is sh!t: And I really mean that heart 19
A night in Chisinau: Dear Lord, Gerry, No! heart 8
Finally, a Moldova I can get on board with: Taking in the villages heart 16
An interesting Christmas: Visiting a place that doesn't exist heart 17
Come on Sun!: You can do it! heart 39

24. ROMANIA: (11th-18th January 2014)

A weekend in Galati: Watching out for strippers heart 22
Adventures with the Boathound Gang: If you lived in England, you'd be dead by now heart 30
How to avoid headwinds in Romania: Its just a question of fifty-fifty heart 12
Constanta: How about five? heart 19
The end of Romania: You're ruining my whole trip! heart 7

25. BULGARIA: (18th-24th January 2014)

A hot Bulgarian winters day: In hot pursuit of Lidl heart 13
Testing times in Bulgaria: Hills and horrible cities heart 14
The greatest place in Bulgaria: Obviously I'm talking about a gas station heart 12
Burgas and beyond: Its not sunny and its not a beach heart 25

26. TURKEY: (24th January - 19 March 2014)

Suleyman the magnificent!: Welcome, welcome! heart 14
The fat man was reaching for the kettle again: And all I wanted was a banana heart 11
Its not about how hard you hit, its about how hard you can <I>get</I> hit: And keep moving forward! heart 18
Into Istanbul: Things can only get better! heart 34
A dreadlocked old Egyptian: And how to obtain an Iran visa in Istanbul heart 17
A CGOAB meet up: An expensive bottom bracket and a cat on heat heart 17
Can I just pay for my milk and go please?: And how to obtain a Tajikistan visa in Istanbul heart 21
A new day, a new continent: A European Summary heart 18
The dogs of Asia: Lets not chase anyone today! heart 18
Mehmet a nice man today: Internet kaput! heart 16
A day in pictures: Cycling through beautiful scenery heart 16
Hello cheeky!: What happened to planet Earth? heart 29
How to obtain an Uzbekistan visa in Ankara: And how not to obtain a Kazakhstan visa in Ankara heart 12
Cut!: Is this the end? heart 11
How to obtain a Kazakhstan visa in Ankara: (Don't mention underwear) heart 11
Killing time in Ankara: And visa collection day heart 15
Yes I'm flabbergasted: what a lovely surprise! heart 15
The show must go on: And how to apply for a Turkmenistan visa in Ankara heart 9
Welcome to the world of bicycle touring Hanna: Are you okay? heart 18
Oh dear, this isn't going well!: The kindness of jandarmas heart 18
We tried to continue: I was worried heart 12
This is the end: No! Vegetarian! heart 12
Well this is very sad: Chai? heart 12
On the way to Cappadocia: Can I really sleep here? heart 22
CAPPADOCIA!!!: What a day! (Warning: Not suitable for work!) heart 68
Reader Participation Time!: That means YOU! heart 1
An awfully long way uphill just to go underground!: A silly idea really heart 12
A long ride east: And the small matter of a mountain heart 31
Big Mountain: Now there's an understatement heart 29
Escape from Big Mountain: Come on Beachball! heart 37
School Days: Were never like this heart 12
Nearing the end of Turkey: And a little sad to be leaving heart 18
Are you ahead?: Or behind? heart 25
Turkey Summary: And the results of the Reader Participation Vote heart 9

27. GEORGIA: (19th-31st March 2014)

A special place called Batumi: And how to apply for an Azerbaijan visa in a cafe heart 43
Georgian hospitality at its best: Come back with those bananas! heart 19
Life in a Georgian village: Puddles and potatoes heart 11
Collecting my Azerbaijan visa and moving on: Now lets get Gary Neville in on this heart 14
I can't have been the only one who saw this coming: Surely?! heart 14
Beautiful scenery: And a run in with the police heart 24
Another day in the mountains: Now where did I put my powerlinks? heart 17
Simon's song: Okay, I'll stop and talk if you're Belgian heart 16
A weekend in Tbilisi: Cool people and chandeliers heart 12

28. AZERBAIJAN: (31st March - 2nd April 2014)

Well now here is a nice place: Islamic country, you idiot, Islamic country heart 17
A day of amazingly friendly people: Can I understand you? heart 27
Georgerbaijan: Don't buy squirrel heart 36

29. ARMENIA: (3rd-10th April 2014)

Welcome to Armenia: We'll be watching you heart 10
Well I was glad that hadn't happened: Lets get this blog moving again! heart 31
Is your fish as long as my tunnel: Saved by an angel heart 18
Please stop beeping!: It seemed like Armenia was one hell of a crappy place to live heart 30
Another day, another high mountain pass: Another day, another canine friend heart 23
Alone to the mountains: If only Daniel was here heart 37

30. IRAN: (10th April - 7th May 2014)

I'm not going to write about Iran: And never will! heart 4

31. TURKMENISTAN: (7th-11th May 2014)

Welcome to Turkmenistan: What do you have in your bags sir? heart 20
Desert trials: The Challenge continues heart 13
Mary, Mary, quite contrary: How does your desert go? heart 25
No one ever said it would be easy...: This looks like trouble heart 12
...No one ever said it would be this hard!: The exciting climax to the Desert Dash Challenge! heart 9

?. NOWHERE: (11th-12th May 2014)

A night in no-mans land: Normal? heart 4

32. UZBEKISTAN: (12th-23rd May 2014)

Looking for somewhere to sleep: WHY?!!! heart 19
Bukhara: What the hell are you doing man? heart 23
Where are you from?: Do you speak Russian? heart 25
I scream: For ice cream heart 14
The Golden Road to Samarkand: Poetry in motion heart 24
Bek to the mountains: Talking politics heart 10
Cut!: This is the end again! heart 28

33. TAJIKISTAN: (23rd May - 20th June 2014)

Entering Tajikistan: The good roads, the bad roads, and the ugly roads heart 9
Links to other cyclist blogs: A mid-season break in Dushanbe heart 16
I don't want to do this anymore: No, wait, I do heart 11
Mancunian men: Mean mulberry massacres heart 29
Splitting up: And getting back together heart 27
The highest point of my life: Approximately heart 33
The story of a broken derailleur: And what's that across the river? heart 17
Okay what wants to break next?: Well done bicycle! heart 12
Going through Shidz: Sabotage? heart 27
A rest in Khorog: Not again, surely? heart 5
700 kilometres, no trouble, right?: That goes for you too, head heart 10
The Pamir HIGHway: Bit remote isn't it? heart 9
Time to show some initiative: Country number something - China! heart 23
Goodbye Tajikistan: Hello nowhere heart 26

34. KYRGYZSTAN: (21st June - 19th July 2014)

The day I met Wilko: And a girl who is not from Kyrgyzstan heart 24
And I would do anything for love...: The day I met Wilko again heart 22
She was orange!: Anyone know anything about the Russia-Mongolia border per chance? heart 26
On the road to Osh: I've decided to take extra socks with me to Almaty heart 17
Kyrgyzstan was not so much fun now: You know what will happen! heart 6
Do I really look that bad?: Drive on the right side of the road won't you please? heart 10
Pictures of mountains: And animals heart 28
The kids are alright: Do you take sugar? heart 35
Place your bets: READER PARTICIPATION TIME!!! heart 7
Who could it be?: Maybe I'll send them a postcard! heart 15
A day by the lake: Song Kol: A dangerous place to be, and no mistake! heart 46
A pretty boring cycle to Bishkek: On my ecotour heart 35
Bishkek: And the results of the Reader Participation Gamble heart 14

35. KAZAKHSTAN: (19th July - 2nd August 2014)

I'm holding on for a Hera to the end of the night: She's gotta be strong, and she's gotta be fast, and she's gotta be riding a bike heart 16
All by myself: Don't wanna be ALL BY MYSELF! heart 5
The real truth about cycle touring: I'm sorry but this page title contains no song lyrics heart 8
There's nothing to fear: I'm glad that I'm here! heart 6
Is there anything to eat out here?: Cold, wet, and posing for photos heart 9
A steppe too far: Nothing much to report heart 11
A city named Semey: A little excitement at last heart 9
Oh nuts, not my flange!: Anything but my flange! heart 6

10. RUSSIA: (2nd-30th August 2014)

Welcome back to Russia: Welcome back to Europe heart 10
Building a wheel in Barnaul: With the most annoyingly unhelpful helpful man heart 16
A night in a hostel in Novosibirsk: If I could find one heart 16
Notes on Siberia: Bears, biscuits and buzzy things heart 17
A Time to Kill: (a cat) heart 17
Thank you!: You answered the call heart 9
More notes on Siberia: In picture form heart 9
Introducing Petr: My new Czech mate heart 5
Irkutsk: Without a Czech mate heart 15
Lake Baikal: With a Czech mate... for a bit heart 15
Trying to get the distance done: But we really should eat heart 13
Into Ulan-Ude: Do you want to see Lenin again? heart 7
The last of Siberia: And goodbye to a Czech mate heart 9
The unexpected final chapter: The day my dream died heart 5

36. MONGOLIA: (30th August - 25th September 2014)

It's like Will Smith said to me once: 'You got a dream, you've gotta protect it': The day my dream was resurrected heart 11
All day, vodka, vodka!: Very nice life heart 8
How hard can it be?: Looking for some direction heart 15
Meeting the most beautiful girl in the world: Thanks life! heart 30
I can't think of a title for this page: I'll do it later heart 14
Introducing Mongol Motorcycle Paparazzi Challenge!: You can play this one at home (if you live in Mongolia) heart 11
A scary story: But lovely clouds heart 14
The end of the road: Relax, I'm not thinking of quitting again, I just mean the road ended. Literally heart 11
Okay I might be a little bit lost: But I don't need no GPS heart 14
Yurts, vodka, bad roads, smelly foreigners in pretend rally cars and electric pylons: Mongolia in a nutshell heart 22
Adventure cycling: It's been like this for 20,000 kilometres! heart 22
Intelligent conversations and suspicious locals: What are you doing with that cowpat? heart 7
This is really a silly country: Altay heart 7
Sand in the desert: Who knew? heart 18
Trying to get help from Mongolians: Moron! Moron! heart 10
A normal day: Part 1/3 heart 14
The Accident: Part 2/3 heart 6
The Aftermath: Part 3/3 heart 4
I had no one: But life would go on heart 7
Counting the bottles: Counting the cost heart 9
Bulgan: Is this the way to Ulan Bator? heart 12
Goodbye Mongolia: May we never meet again heart 9

37. CHINA: (25th September - 21st November 2014)

A harsh introduction to China: Happy birthday to me heart 5
Photo? Photo? Photo?: Is that a sheep on your motorcycle? heart 12
I'm sure it will be lovely when it's finished: Struggling on through the great Chinese construction project heart 22
It begins: Oh Mori, you should have heart 17
Where the wind blows: Where the producer wants it to heart 11
A hotel near Hami: Still looking for some motivation heart 10
The motivation: YES!!! I can!!! heart 21
The wind: No!!! I can't!!! heart 7
Life gets more interesting on the G312: But someone needs to hurry up! heart 16
THE GREAT WALL OF FRIGGIN' CHINA: An epic day heart 32
You have got to be kidding me: That can't be real heart 7
The Rainbow Mountains: Another epic day heart 38
Crazy roads: Crazy, crazy roads heart 7
A couple of passes: I lay there like an idiot with cold banana skins all over my mouth heart 26
The final push: Heading for Lanzhou train station... heart 30
A date with the most beautiful girl in the world: For the tramp who can't use chopsticks heart 19
Lanzhou: Honk! Honk! heart 19
Don't mention the traffic: I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it heart 33
Spot the monk!: And the auspicious falon heart 24
The Tibetan plateau: Hello baby heart 12
A night in Langmusi: 'Spot the monk' gets serious heart 32
Cycling 100 kilometres: Weather permitting heart 11
How to survive a night on the cold Tibetan Plateau with a cheap summer sleeping bag: Be a ruthless negotiator heart 19
It happened again: Snow heart 20
A long day: Slow heart 41
Navigating the earthquake zone: Maoxian and Wenchuan heart 16
Another normal day in China: BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPP!!!!!! heart 25
Oh doctor! Good!: I pointed frantically at a passing rickshaw heart 7
The Giant Buddha: I can't eat this heart 26
This guy wasn't as silly as he looked: China hadn't beaten me yet heart 22
I was just existing: No longer living heart 14
No room at the inn: The trials continue heart 10
How I came to spend the night sleeping in a pig sty: With a man that looked a bit like Jesus heart 20
Was I losing the plot here?: Probably heart 9
Don't let this man near your bananas: Fighting with Alex heart 20
The promised land gets more promising: China, I beat you!!! heart 22

38. LAOS: (21st November - 20th December 2014)

Life begins again: And it was all ahead of us heart 13
Our journey commences: The paradise I'd dreamed about heart 21
Laos made me feel like a millionaire: A very short millionaire heart 34
Life's a beach: And I was looking all bad-ass and that too heart 15
Another day in paradise...: Now with rats! heart 31
A day on the river: And then I built a water slide heart 35
A rest day in Nong Khiaw: And a key moment for my relationship with Dea heart 23
Looking for the real Laos: And finding the Beer Lao heart 17
Another relaxing and easy day: Life was good! heart 18
The table set was a stunner: The whole cycle touring world was with us heart 26
A couple of days in Luang Prabang: Let's eat! heart 35
A day trip to a waterpark: Fun for everyone heart 28
The rough road to Muang Nan: Sa-Ba-Deeeeee!!!!!!!!! heart 29
I came down with a terrible ailment: Sickness in Sayaboury heart 9
We were moving again, slowly, towards the end: (Or maybe not) heart 11
Sickness in Souvanaphoun: Great game heart 18
Big mountains day: It felt like it would never end heart 35
One last night: Nothing lasts forever heart 20
Why do all good things come to an end?: I did not want to lose this girl heart 17
Bowling in bonus time!: Thanks China, I owe you one heart 26
A few days off in Vientiane: Not entirely alone heart 9
Reader Participation Time!: We haven't done this for a while heart 6

39. THAILAND: (20th December 2014 - 12th January 2015)

39 fingers in Thailand: Craaap!!! heart 17
Christmas in Nong Khai: Part One: Robin redbreast shows an elephant his magic trick heart 28
Christmas in Nong Khai: Part Two: Merry Christmas from a Thailand Tesco heart 23
Christmas in Nong Khai: Part Three: Mostly puppy pictures heart 19
Hitting the road again: I'm not sure my bike could believe we were really leaving heart 8
The end of a great year: Hiding near Ban Dung heart 12
Introducing Alan: He is an accountant heart 10
Where are you going?: This way! heart 13
And what do you want to do when you're older?: Marry a cyclist? heart 4
I felt like getting on a plane and flying to Denmark: Maybe I could still have it all heart 17
It's not always easy being a vegetarian: Are you sure this sandwich isn't off? heart 6
Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the Michael Jackson clown girl: Maybe I eat too many cookies heart 7
Mukdahan National Park: Such a poser heart 17
Meeting some other cyclists in Khemmarat: With free wifi! heart 10
Thailand's Grand Canyon: It's not what you think heart 26
Khong Chiam: Home of the river of one colour heart 18

38. LAOS: (12th-28th January 2015)

Back to Laos: Not the paradise I remembered heart 6
Stopping off in Pakse: A bit of boat research heart 6
Things that go bang in the night: What would Gosling do? heart 8
A look into the real world of Buddhism: Past and present heart 49
Reaching Four Thousand Islands: Well, one of them heart 11
Arriving on Don Det: They have Nutella heart 39
Being a backpacker for the day: On a bicycle heart 18
Back to the mainland: This is a pretty boring page, sorry heart 17
Meeting a great many other cyclists: I thought Alan was the only one heart 21
Towards the Bolaven Plateau: Monks and monkeys heart 11
Mostly picture of waterfalls: I don't want your money heart 19
More waterfalls, more monks: More men with rifles across their shoulder blades heart 8
I decided maybe it was time for me to get new shoes: You don't take crisp packets do you? heart 13
Last day in Laos: The end of a great country heart 15

40. VIETNAM: (28th-31st January 2015)

Motorcycle madness in Vietnam: Country-bagging at its most dangerous heart 9
An unexpected detour to Kon Tum: Anyone seen any churches? heart 25
First churches, now Islamic State: What country am I in?! heart 13
The one thing I learnt in Vietnam: You can carry anything on a motorcycle heart 8

41. CAMBODIA: (31st January - 18th February 2015)

Cambodia's not corrupt!: Alan's first financial review (warning, this page contains a pie chart) heart 8
I had a cunning plan: Yes, another one heart 5
Escaping Asia in Ban Lung: But not forgetting heart 11
A couple of days of just hanging out: I didn't want to get sunburn heart 26
From Ban Lung to Stung Treng: And back to relaxing heart 15
Another accident: If you don't like reading about the aftermath of serious accidents, don't read this page either heart 21
Again? Really?: Another day to survive heart 8
What else is there?: On the way to Siem Reap heart 6
Angkor Wat: A photographic journey heart 85
Yet another accident: Hey squeamish people, maybe this blog just isn't for you heart 8

39. THAILAND: (18th February - 12th March 2015)

Enter Thailand: Enter Yannis heart 7
But it hardly ever rains: Yannis and I cycle towards Bangkok heart 10
A couple of nights in Bangkok: Khao San Road heart 18
Looking for a helmet: On the way out of Bangkok heart 15
Yet another accident: Don't worry, I had my helmet on heart 9
Paradise found: Sort of heart 15
Spot the cliff diving monkeys: Life doesn't get much better heart 6
Three caves and a dusky langer: An exhilarating day heart 19
A great deal of monkey pictures: And another pie chart heart 14
Sorting out my puncture problems: I figured that was nothing some creative use of chewing gum couldn't fix heart 10
Imagine...: Fixing a puncture at the side of the road heart 13
Another potential hapless sidekick: What the f*ck are you doing? heart 7
Crossing Thailand: A coast-to-coast journey through a sea of palm oil plantations heart 7
Ants and the Andaman coast: Well, it's paradise! heart 9
Ferry to Koh Lipe: Germany we have a bobsleigh team heart 7
Snorkeling around Koh Lipe: Wrapping things up in tourist Thailand heart 10

42. MALAYSIA: (12th-25th March 2015)

Langkawi: Malaysia makes a good start heart 7
Heading for the mainland: I also saw a racket-tailed drongo heart 2
A hot climb into the mountains: Country number 42 heart 7
Oh, shut up legs: Life is not that bad heart 3
Jeli and <STRIKE>ice cream</STRIKE> sap: Categorically too dangerous to cycle heart 3
Notes on Malaysia: Malls, mosques and monkeys heart 8
Difficulty finding motivation: The long and boring road heart 9
The end of Malaysia: Sorry it doesn't get any more interesting heart 9

43. SINGAPORE: (25th March - 9th April 2015)

Singapore! Singapore! Sing-a-pore!!!: The end of the Eurasian road heart 26
The boat search begins: I scrub up alright heart 24
A few days with James and Greta: We just need to install some drivers heart 4
This was my boat!!!: Or was it? heart 8
Wanted: Cruise partner: Must be <STRIKE>tall, blonde, beautiful</STRIKE> willing to give me 450 pounds heart 37

44. INDONESIA: (9th April - 20th May 2015)

Boating to Batam: What have I got myself in for now? heart 12
Just call me Chris: From Batam to Dumai and straight to work heart 19
Sir! Sir!: What is your favourite? heart 9
Water? IMPOSSIBLE!: Back to the road heart 18
Wonderful Sumatra: Why you should always take the road less travelled heart 22
Arriving in Bagan Batu: More than once heart 5
Have you seen Mr George?: He is a great man heart 8
The script takes a dramatic turn...: This could be Hollywood horror heart 6
Life goes on in Bagan Batu: Mr Chris is going to teach you past participles heart 8
Introducing Mr Tom: He's definitely not Jesus heart 11
Getting to know Tom better: One last day in Bagan Batu heart 4
Getting a bit lost: So... many... palm... trees heart 11
Getting very lost: Life is never boring with Tom heart 11
The adventures continue: Photo, photo! heart 14
A long and eventful day: Tom finds some alcohol heart 19
Don't you wear underwear?: No need, no need heart 9
But he is a terrorist: He terrorizes dogs! heart 13
Reaching Lake Toba: My jaw hit the floor heart 52
Back to Backpacker Land: How lucky! heart 14
A week in Tuk-Tuk: Doing almost nothing heart 7
Tyre trouble for Tom: Don't forget, he's very resourceful heart 12
Climbing a volcano: Without Tom heart 29
The dentist chair awaits once again: Making it to Medan heart 6
Okay, we could do that, or…: How about you just give me the anaesthetic heart 6
24 hours on an Indonesian ferry: It could be worse heart 11

43. SINGAPORE: (20th-25th May 2015)

Return to Singapore: The southern-most point in continental Asia heart 24
Cleaning up for the cruise: And meeting other around-the-world adventurers heart 8

THE CRUISE (Singapore to Australia): (25th May - 6th June 2015)

The cruise begins (eventually): But why are they all so fat? heart 13
This is definitely not the way to Australia: F*ck it, let's go to Thailand heart 13
Langkawi again: I think I've been here before, or have I? heart 14
George Town, Penang: Trishaws and trying to invade heart 14
This is not a game: Neutralising the AMOG heart 17
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