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The Really Long Way Round

An attempt to journey around the world using only a bicycle and boats, and get sued by Ewan McGregor

By Chris Pountney
7,981 km (4,956 miles) over 1126 days between Jul. 15, 2013 and Aug. 13, 2016
What have we here? heart 11


Introduction: Really it's a long way heart 6
About me and my crew: I'm just a boy, standing in front of a bicycle... heart 5
About my wheels: I'm just a bicycle, standing in front of a boy... heart 4
The Challenges: These ain't no rules heart 2


Phase One: Cycle to Australia

1. FRANCE: (15th-17th July 2013)

It begins: Oh Paris, you shouldn't have heart 13
French Revolutions: What the hell does that mean Bear? heart 5

2. BELGIUM: (17th-18th July 2013)

The great Belgian waffle hunt: Country-bagging at its worst heart 5

3. LUXEMBOURG: (18th July 2013)

Luxurybourg: Its one of the richest countries in the world, don't you know? heart 9

4. GERMANY: (18th-30th July 2013)

The Mosel and more: Out of my way, I've got a party to get to heart 15
Make Mainz a double: And what was that about a bonus challenge? heart 11
The Romantic Rhine: Warm and with company heart 7
It wasn't the nicest cycling ever: Beyond Cologne heart 15

5. NETHERLANDS: (30th-31st July 2013)

The great Dutch windmill hunt: Country bagging at its best heart 5

4. GERMANY: (31st July - 7th August 2013)

This again?: Across Germany heart 4
Hamburg: Hanging with Karin heart 3
After Hamburg: To the ends of Germany heart 1

6. DENMARK: (7th-9th August 2013)

Denmark day one: A bridge full of spiders heart 2
Copenhagen: It is nicer when it is sunny heart 0

7. SWEDEN: (9th-13th August 2013)

Welcome to the land of red barns: The things I learned on my first days in Sweden heart 9
Cherno part one: Without the byl heart 4
Cherno part two: We're talking to Denzel about the movie heart 4

8. NORWAY: (13th-24th August 2013)

First day in Norway: A great start! heart 1
Oslo: Home of the angry baby heart 1
No way Norway: It doesn't rain like this in Canada heart 5
Rallarvegen: (The Romantic Rallarvegen) heart 10
Mountains, fjords, mountains and fjords: And some goats heart 0
Another day, another mountain: Too much up heart 0
To the high mountains!: For the last time! heart 1
A strange Viking man of the mountains: And the long downhill heart 2
The moose changed everything: And was that a groundhog? heart 1

7. SWEDEN: (24th-28th August 2013)

The race across Sweden: I said no chewing heart 2

9. FINLAND: (28th August - 9th September 2013)

A long boat trip and a lot of islands: And a familiar face heart 4
Finland with Karin: A photographic journey heart 2
Helsinki: And the rest of Finland heart 4

10. RUSSIA: (9th-15th September 2013)

Russia part one: Who's driver? heart 1
It's not just Ladas and tower blocks: The many faces of Russia heart 3
Deeper into Russia: Out of my way bitch heart 2
Into Saint Petersburg: I've seen this movie heart 2
Saint Petersburg: Friday the 13th heart 4
Out of the city: What if she isn't an alien?! heart 2
Time to get out of here: Russhing out of Russia heart 3

11. ESTONIA: (15th-21st September 2013)

Back to Europe: Nice to see EU heart 0
First full day in Estonia: Still having trouble figuring it out heart 0
Six Reasons why Estonia is an amazing place to do a bike tour: (and no, I'm not being sarcastic) heart 1
Tallinn: A gem of a place heart 1
Tallinn to Latvia: I came up with a cunning plan heart 3

12. LATVIA: (21st-24th September 2013)

It always rains in Latvia: And that is a sure fact heart 0

13. LITHUANIA: (24th September - 8th October 2013)

Daniel's response: It's not what we deserved heart 0
Vilnius Part One: Organising a Belarus visa heart 5
Exploring the surrounding surroundings: On a quest for the 'Mythical Stone'!!! heart 7
Vilnius Part Two: If you're reading this? heart 2
The longest ride: Part one heart 2

14. POLAND: (8th-9th October 2013)

The longest ride: Part two heart 1

15. BELARUS: (9th-10th October 2013)

Stop Press!: Briton cycling around the world, visits Belarus, meets girl! heart 2
Stop Press Again!: Briton cycling around the world, visits Belarus, hates interviews! heart 5

14. POLAND: (10th-22nd October 2013)

Into Poland: Spying on geese, a man on a rickshaw, and a crucial World Cup Qualifier heart 6
Warsaw: Saw war heart 12
South through Poland: Cos I am a champion... heart 6
All hail 'Well-behaved baby!': A reader contribution! heart 3
The Reflective Angel!: And a party to remember! heart 5
Some images from Krakow: Viewed with a hangover heart 1
The rest of Poland: Still mostly pictures heart 1

16. CZECH REPUBLIC: (22nd-29th October 2013)

Czech this out!: What a place! heart 1
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