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The Not So Long Way Down 2316
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Hey, I'm Chris. I'm 36 years old. I'm from the UK. I have brown hair and blue eyes. That's about it really. Oh yeah, and I really, really, really like riding my bicycle.

I made my first bike tour in 2009, a seven week journey around New Zealand's North Island and loved it. A year later, in May 2010, I started cycle touring as a way of life, hoping to see the world from my bicycle saddle. I rode on for about ten years, clocking up 155,000 kilometres, give or take a few, in around 80 countries, circumnavigating the planet a couple of times.

 I've written several books about my travels, No Wrong TurnsInto the Sunrise and Different Parts of Everywhere.

I now live in Denmark with my partner Dea, where I can still be found having human-powered adventures: