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The Not So Long Way Down

A journey south through Latin America

By Chris Pountney
1,931 km (1,199 miles) over 52 days between Nov. 12, 2018 and Jan. 2, 2019
An Adventure in Latin America heart 28
The Route heart 17


It begins heart 101
Introducing Eureka Ball heart 32
Dónde esta el supermercado? heart 87
Dead fish or trash? heart 87
On the road to San Felipe heart 116
Oh we do like to be beside the seaside! heart 82
Rest day in San Felipe heart 81
Back on the road... for a bit heart 59
You never know what will happen... heart 96
Maybe just one more rest day heart 33
Hot springs and things we didn't see heart 67
The effects of the hurricane heart 61
Coco's Corner heart 75
Desert tales heart 40
Maybe this could be our friend? heart 64
Into Guerrero Negro heart 61
Maybe just one more rest day heart 46
So, who wants to play Eureka Ball? heart 54
To San Ignacio we go heart 75
How good is Bill Shaneyfelt at naming desert plants? heart 34
The results are in heart 22
San Ignacio to Mulegé heart 75
A good long rest heart 61
Let's get this blog back on the road heart 62
Riding together, for a bit heart 65
Past Loreto heart 49
A long and difficult day heart 46
And then there were eight heart 43
Almost at the end of Baja California heart 27
La Paz means peace heart 67
Day off in La Paz heart 21
Having a whale of a time! heart 34
On the beach heart 60
Here's something pretty amazing heart 17
A little bit of cycling on the Mexican mainland heart 27
Long day on the 15D heart 63
"No, only bunnies" heart 32
A dangerous road heart 22
Team Sniffles to Ahuacatlan heart 28
Ahuacatlan heart 51
Back on the (back) road heart 47
An apology heart 13