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November 21, 2018

Maybe just one more rest day

Roy and Jeanette had invited us to stay with them for as long as we wanted and, after our truly respectable 30 kilometre ride the day before, it was easy enough to justify an extra rest day to fully recover. We spent it in much the same way as we had spent the previous day, first playing games on the beach and swimming in the sea, then joining Roy and Jeanette for a leisurely lunch/dinner on the verandah and chatting into the evening. The one major difference was that instead of making a mermaid in the sand I made a cycle tourist.

Lots of fishing activities in the morning. They have only just resumed being allowed to fish here after a two year ban to protect the marine life, and they are sure going after the marine life now.
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We often saw pelicans flying very low over the water, or taking a break on the rocks.
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"♫ Cool desert plant of the day ♫" (Jeanette has a knitting business)
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Not a completely unproductive day then!
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Respect to this guy for forgoing the ATV and instead making his flying contraption out of an old fan.
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Sue PriceNow that's about the speed we like to travel! Glad you are relaxing and enjoying your days - 4 more days until we fly to Merida and we are super stoked! Ruins, cenotes, cervezas and oh yes, some cycling in between! 😊
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