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From The Not So Long Way Down by Chris Pountney

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Ali Mounoury commented on a photo in Riding together, for a bit

Hi chris, big fan! I love the the photo btw!

2 years ago
Chris Pountney replied to a comment by Eva Walters on An apology

Hi Eva, thanks for the message. We are currently blogging at as the paid hosting got too expensive to renew.
Thanks very much for following along with our travels!

3 years ago
Eva Walters commented on An apology

Hi Chris, I have very much enjoyed following your postings over the years. Just tried to log onto and found the domain name has been canceled. Could you please send me the link to your new blog.
Thanks, Eva

3 years ago
Paul Curtis commented on San Ignacio to Mulegé

I don't think I could help feeling a bit cheesed off if I had cycled all that way, going south into ever more exotic territory, only to find another English guy lying by the pool who said he had pretty much just arrived from England!

4 years ago
Blair Brown commented on An apology

I'll hate not reading your blogs (generally a few weeks late), but I completely approve of your reasoning! I hope all goes well with yours and Dea's travels!

4 years ago
Catherine Hastings commented on An apology

Hi Chris, fair cop. Was good to see some updates on your own website in the last weeks and still be able to follow along. Your daily posts were always so detailed and generous. Thank you for them. But, I'll also get more study done if you post less often! Greetings from Malcolm and I on a short break in Penang. Foods!!

4 years ago
Jen Grumby commented on An apology

I've missed your posts, but appreciate your reason for abandoning this journal.

Very glad that you're both OK and that you were able to focus on enjoying your travels.

4 years ago
jim katzin commented on An apology

I always worry when a tour blog goes inexplicably dark for an extended period, but I'm greatly relieved that you are both okay. I will miss the posts.


4 years ago
Sue Price commented on An apology

We absolutely understand! Your life has changed a lot and it is important to focus on what matters most, which is, of course, you and Dea and your life together. We always love to read your posts and will miss them, but the other blog will have to suffice. Now go out there and enjoy the ride!!!

Sue and Jim

4 years ago
Tricia Graham commented on An apology

Of course I will miss your posts but glad to hear nothing terrible happened that stopped them. Only a good thing. Perhaps you will write another book

4 years ago
Suzanne Gibson commented on An apology

I'll be missing your blog posts here but I quite agree, you can't always have it all and blogging takes a lot of time. You made a good decision I'd say. Someday somewhere it will all appear in print, I'm quite sure.
Happy travels, you two!

4 years ago
Andy Peat commented on a photo in Back on the (back) road

I think I've got some photos in this same square

4 years ago
Rob White commented on Team Sniffles to Ahuacatlan

Cliff hanger of the year Chris!!! :)

4 years ago
Catherine Hastings commented on Team Sniffles to Ahuacatlan

It's like those office chairs where people always end up leaving on maternity leave... Spooky.

4 years ago
Catherine Hastings commented on A dangerous road

BABY!!! Cliff hanger.

4 years ago