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Day off in La Paz

With a reservation to swim with whale sharks on the 17th, the 16th was a day of rest in La Paz, in which I fully intended to do our laundry. Trouble was that Liverpool were playing Man Utd, which was something I really did have to watch first, and by the time I'd finished watching that and various other procrastinations it was too late for laundry. But I did get some other things done, like grocery shopping and clothes shopping, finding myself a nice new bright orange T-shirt and bright red sweater to make sure I'm visible on the busy Mexican roads.

A busy market in La Paz that Dea visited, these photos are by her.
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In the evening we all went out to a vegetarian restaurant that Jon had heard about. Jon, being a vegetarian and lactose intolerant, seemed to find it difficult to find things to eat in restaurants, and so this was a real treat, with a lot of vegan options on the menu. It was a little bit pricey of course, but not extravagantly so, and the veggie burgers were truly delicious. One of the best things I've eaten in a long time, actually. It was so good that Jon even ordered himself a second burger, struggled to finish it, and then looked a bit sick, which I suppose is what happens when a vegan finds good food. 

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