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We're going on an adventure...

Albania to the Netherlands, with a toddler

By Bryony Telford
3,079 km (1,912 miles) over 403 days since Apr. 18, 2023
About us heart 28
About our trip heart 10
Planning a route heart 11
Packing heart 17

The big adventure

Getting underway heart 28


We made it to Tirana heart 18
Building and testing the bikes heart 23
More chores in Tirana heart 11
Sightseeing in Tirana (toddler style) heart 11
Tirana to Fushë Milot heart 31
Fushë-Milot to Shëngjin heart 26
Shëngjin to Shkodër heart 23


Shkodër (AL) to Bar (ME) heart 21
Near Bar to Budva heart 15
Rest day in Budva heart 19
Budva day 2 heart 5
Budva to Bay of Kotor heart 12
Bay of Kotor to Herceg Novi heart 12

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Herceg Novi (ME) to Trebinje (BA) heart 6
Rest day in Trebinje heart 5
Trebinje to Ravno heart 19
Ravno to Skocim heart 17
Skocim to Mostar heart 12
Mostar day 1 heart 13
Mostar day 2 heart 8
Mostar day 3 heart 7
Mostar to Kulen Vakuf heart 8
Kulen Vakuf to Bihac heart 22


Bihac (BA) to Plitvice (HR) heart 8
Plitvice lakes heart 7
Plitvice to Slunj heart 16
Slunj to Ogulin heart 20


Ogulin (HR) to Črnomelj (SI) heart 5
Črnomelj to Novo Mesto heart 6
Novo Mesto heart 12
Nova Mesto to Dolenjske Toplice heart 8
Dolenjske Toplice to Boršt pri Dvoru heart 14
Boršt pri Dvoru to Pristava nad Stično heart 5
Pristava nad Stično to Ljubljana heart 3
Tuesday in Ljubljana heart 10
Wednesday in Ljubljana heart 4
Thursday in Ljubljana heart 7
Friday in Ljubljana heart 9
Ljubljana to Brezje heart 5
Brezje to Bled heart 7
Bled to Kranjska Gora heart 14
Kranjska Gora heart 12
Kranjska Gora to Bovec heart 16
Bovec to Tolmin heart 9
Tolmin to Rensče heart 11
Saturday in Renče heart 3
Sunday in Renče heart 13
Rensče to Nova Gorica heart 4


Nova Gorica (SI) to Ferrara (IT) heart 4
Ferrara heart 7
Ferrara to Bologna heart 11
Bologna heart 9
Bologna to Bottai heart 4
Florence heart 6
Bottai to Castra heart 5
Castra to Montecatini Alto heart 5
Wednesday in Montecatini Alto heart 5
Thursday in Montecatini Alto heart 7
Montecatini Alto to Lucca heart 8
Lucca to Pisa heart 5
Pisa to Livorno heart 6


Livorno (IT) to Bastia (FR) heart 7
Tuesday in Bastia heart 5
Out and back to Murato heart 1
Bastia to a big boat heart 9
A big boat to Aix-en-Provence heart 4
Aix-en-Provence heart 10
Aix-en-Provence to Cadenet heart 4
Cadenet to Maubec heart 11
Maubec to Mazan heart 7
Mazan to Vaison-la-Romaine heart 9
Vaison-la-Romaine to Bourg-saint-Andéol heart 6
Bourg-saint-Andéol heart 4
Bourg-saint-Andéol to Taulignan heart 6
Taulignan to Saou heart 6
Saou to Vaunaveys-la-Rochette heart 4
Vaunaveys-la-Rochette to Rochefort-Samson heart 12
Rochefort-Samson to Cognin-les-Gorges heart 10
Cognin-les-Gorges to Grenoble heart 8
Grenoble heart 11
Grenoble to Porte-de-Savoie heart 5
Porte-de-Savoie to Aix-les-baines heart 10
Aix-les-Baines to Annecy heart 7
Annecy heart 8
Annecy to Thônes heart 14
Thônes to Bonneville heart 17
Bonneville to Arâches-la-Frasse heart 10
Vacation in the Alps heart 0
Arâches-la-Frasse to Lac du Passy heart 15
Lac du Passy to Taconnaz heart 10
Taconnaz to Le Buet heart 13


Le Buet (FR) to Evionnaz (CH) heart 28
Evionnaz to Leysin heart 16
Friday in Leysin heart 6
Saturday in Leysin heart 13

France (again)

Leysin (CH) to Tournus (FR) heart 8
Tournus to Culles-les-Roches heart 11
Culles-les-Roches heart 13
Culles-les-Roches to Cluny heart 17
Cluny to Saint Jacques des Arrêts heart 12
Saint Jacques des Arrêts to La Clayette heart 14
La Clayette to Paray-le-Monial heart 14
Paray-le-Monial to Bourbon-Lancy heart 9
Bourbon-Lancy to Luzy heart 17
Luzy heart 11
Luzy to La Chauvotte heart 9
La Chauvotte to Autun heart 17
Autun to Couches heart 7
Couches to Savigny-lès-Beaune heart 24
Savigny-les-beune to Dijon heart 31
Dijon heart 17


Dijon (FR) to Luxembourg (LU) heart 15


Luxembourg (LU) to Aalst (BE) heart 10
Aalst heart 15
Aalst to Poeke heart 17


Poeke (BE) to Sluis (NL) heart 30
Sluis to near Westkapelle heart 25
Westkapelle to Ellemeet heart 21
Ellemeet to Hellevoetsluis heart 13
Hellevoetsluis to Biesbosch heart 21
Biesbosch to Utrecht heart 29


Packing up and (properly) leaving Utrecht heart 8
Travel day(s) heart 12
The last leg and life on the farm heart 13
The stats heart 3