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All Roads Lead to Italy

Our first adventure being electrified on our Seavo tandem

By Barry Bartlett
2,897 km (1,799 miles) over 91 days between Jun. 26, 2017 and Sep. 24, 2017
Can't Stop the Feeling heart 1
Why Europe Again? heart 2
We're On Our Way heart 1


Our Tandem Gets a New Look heart 1
On Our Way to the Reitz Family Farm heart 1
Our Front Wheel is Cracked! heart 1
A Ride Through the Beautiful Countryside in Search of Cake heart 0
Picking Raspberries and Shopping for Bug-Away Clothing heart 1
A Steep Learning Curve-Our E-Tandem Stops Working! heart 1
From the Reitz Family Farm to Erfurt- A Bike Ride and Three Trains heart 1
Exploring Erfurt heart 1
Exploring Erfurt by Bicycle heart 1
Our Last Train Trip- Erfurt to Cottbus heart 1
Cottbus to Naundorf heart 1
A Beautiful ride Along the Oder River heart 1
We Ride to Frankfurt on the Oder heart 1


Poland, here we come! heart 0
A Day of Surprises and More Kindness from Strangers heart 0
We Ride to Zielona Gora With Our New Polish Friends heart 0
A Visit to a Polish Bike Shop and on the Front Page of the Local heart 0
A Long and Winding Road: Nowa Sol to Karczowiska heart 0
Riding into the Kaczawskie Foothills heart 0
A Day to Stroll Around Jawor heart 0
A Rainy Day in Jawor heart 0
From One Peace Church to Another Peace Church heart 0
A Hot Hilly Ride to Nysa heart 0
An overnight stay in Nysa before heading to Czech Republic heart 0
A Day to Ponder but Things Get Worse heart 0
Our Bike's First Experience with a Polish Train heart 0
Riding From Brzeg to Wroclaw heart 0
Two Wonderful Days in Wroclaw heart 0
On the train from Wroclaw, Poland to Hof, Germany heart 0


The Two H's.... Akropolis provided a good breakfast with a big pot of coffee and the highlight was homemade apple cake. Hof to Hennef heart 0
Getting our Bike Repaired at Akkurad heart 0
We Ride to Bonn heart 0
On the Train Again- Bonn to Nuremberg heart 0
Nuremberg (Nurnberg) heart 0
Another Day in Nuremberg heart 0


A Train Ride to Passau and a Bike Ride on the Danube River heart 0
A Beautiful Ride Along the Danube River heart 0
On the Danube Bike Trail-Glorious Riding heart 0
Riding Back to Melk heart 0
A Long Hot Day of Riding on the Danube heart 0
Riding into Vienna heart 0
Another Day in Vienna heart 0
Rejoining the Amber Route (Eurovelo 9) heart 0
Weiner Neustad to Aspang Markt heart 0
Riding Over a Mountain and a lot of Mini Mountains heart 0
Hills, hills heart 0
In and out of Slovenia to Halbenrain: Anita - a good ambassador for Slovenia heart 0


Farewell Austria.....riding to Maribor, Slovenia heart 0
Maribor-a wonderful little city heart 0
Very Hot Day Riding the Slovenian Hills heart 0
To Vitanje: Thunder, Lightning and Hills heart 0
A Perfect Day of Bicycle Touring heart 0
A Rest Day in Rimske Toplice heart 0
Rimskie Toplice to Ljubljana heart 0
Sightseeing in Ljubljana Between Thunderstorms heart 0
Riding up Another Mountain in the Rain heart 0
A Little Ride, Amazing Caves and a Castle in a Cave heart 0
A Slow Day in Slovenia heart 0
We reach the Adriatic Sea heart 0
Adventures in the Prettiest Town in Slovenia heart 0
A Day to Explore Koper, Slovenia heart 0


Getting Lost and Found in Trieste Italy heart 0
From Trieste to Monfalcone heart 0
To Aquileia heart 0
A Day to Explore Aquileia heart 0
Fighting It Out with Mother Nature heart 0
Riding Towards the Alps heart 0
Osoppo to Chiusaforte heart 0
Stunning Ride to Tarvisio heart 0

Austria, one more time...

Tarvisio, Italy to Villach, Austria heart 0
From Villach to Spittal an der Drau heart 0
Spittal an der Drau to Obervellach heart 0
Let It Rain..... heart 0
A Spectacular Day in the Alps heart 0
Dorfgastein to Werfen heart 0


The Sun is Shining in the Alps heart 0
Riding Into the Heart of Bavaria heart 0
Trostberg to Rosenheim heart 0
A Rest Day in Rosenheim heart 0
We Begin our Train Journey Back to Limburg heart 0
Three Train Trips and a Bike Ride to Get Back to the Farm heart 0
A Few Days on the Farm heart 0
Heading Home heart 1