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June 28, 2017

Can't Stop the Feeling

"Can't Stop the Feeling" . We're heading back to Europe again.
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For the past 5 years, since retiring, we have taken a three month cycling trip to Europe every year. We ride a recumbent tandem made by Rans Bicycles in Kansas...we love our Rans Seavo tandem. Our "big rig" has travelled with us through England, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. All of these trips have been documented on Crazy Guy on a Bike.

Two years ago we rode from Frankfurt to Rome, over the Alps and the Apennine Mountains in Italy. It was a real challenge riding over the mountains with a fully loaded tandem and pulling a two wheeled trailer with all of our camping gear. We survived (and enjoyed) the challenge but our knees were screaming all the way. We hope to continue touring for many more years and we don't want our choices to become limited by challenging terrain or distances. We have many plans and in the future we want to tackle the more challenging routes throughout Europe and Asia.

We are heading back to Italy - yeah!! Love staying in Agriturismos in rural areas - great food and hosptitality.
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Our passion for cycle touring and our lifetime of combined injuries have led us to the decision to add electric assist to Seavo. We feel that an electric motor will liberate us from concerns about our aging knees and open the floodgate of possibilities for trips in the future. After much research, we discovered a company near Bonn, Germany called "Akkurrad" who specialize in converting "special" bikes into electric bikes and creating unique velomobiles. A lengthy correspondence via email with them has satisfied our many questions and the result is that they now have our tandem in their shop and are transforming Seavo into an electrified thing of beauty.In just a few days we will be flying to Europe to begin another three month cycling trip. When we arrive in Frankfurt, we will take the ICE train (super fast express) from Frankfurt airport to Bonn, stay a few days in Seigburg and spend a day with the guys at Akkurrad, learning about our new electrc assist and test riding Seavo. It will be interesting to experience this learning curve while jet lagged, but we can't wait. And the best part, is that we will be staying at an apt owned by an Italian Eis Cafe (ice cream). Readers of past journals will know how much we love food and especially Italian ice cream. As the saying goes, staying at an Eis Cafe "will be the icing on the cake".

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