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July 8, 2018

Our Front Wheel is Cracked!

We got a phone call from Pacak with shocking news. While adding a new rotor for our front disc brakes, Pacak's mechanic discovered that our front wheel was badly cracked. Fortunately he had a rim that was a good fit for our tandem. The mechanic doesn't speak very much English but he proudly told us that his new name should be "Eagle Eye" because he discovered the crack in the rim. On the top of the rim was just a tiny crack. Inside the rim, the crack went all the way around the rim.

Click here for a larger version of the picture Pacak and the mechanic, aka Eagle Eye, standing alongside Barry with Seavo and our cracked rim.
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We rode the 20 km. back to the Reitz family farm. Wow, the electric assist is fantastic and lots of fun!

Dinner and off to bed early. Finally, we are sleeping through the night which we hope will get us past jet lag and back to normal. 

Today's ride: 20 km (12 miles)
Total: 35 km (22 miles)

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