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Italy Bound with our Recumbent Tandem

By way of Iceland, Germany, and Austria

By Barry Bartlett
2,089 km (1,297 miles) over 90 days between Jul. 31, 2015 and Oct. 28, 2015
Planning for Europe heart 1
Why Europe Again? heart 2
Getting our Gear Organized heart 1
Our route: See the bottom of the page for a revision! heart 2
We Are on our Way! heart 1

ICELAND: A week to explore - perhaps to cycle here someday...

Iceland -the arrival heart 1
On the road in Iceland heart 2
Icebergs heart 1
Lava, Waterfalls - Are we on the set of Game of Thrones? heart 1
Saying farewell to Iceland heart 1

GERMANY - time to cycle again: Back to SeavoB and our friends

Frankfurt heart 2
A Few Days on the Reitz farm: Training rides, solving bike problems and lots of laughter heart 4
The Cycling Begins!: Limburg to Worth am Main heart 2
Change of plans for our trip heart 1
Worth am Main to Wertheim heart 1
Camp Forelle - stayed an extra day for a rain filled rest day heart 1
A Mouse In Our Tent!!!: The Wet Mousy Campground to Bad Mergentheim heart 1

Romantic Strasse

Bad Mergentheim to Rothenburg ob der Tauber heart 1
A Day to Sightsee in Rothenburg heart 1
Rothenburg to Dinkkelsbuhl: From One Beautiful Medieval City to Another heart 1
Rest day - Dinkelsbuhl heart 1
Dinkelsbul to Nordlingen heart 1

Via Claudia Augusta route

Donauworth: After 4 years, we have made it back to the Danube. heart 3
To Augsburg along the River Lech: escaping a thunder storm heart 1
Augsburg: Searching for a bike shop heart 1
Augsburg to Hurlach: Euro Bike challenges continue... heart 1
Camping at Via Claudia at Lechbruck: It's hot again - but we enjoy local hospitality heart 1
To Fussen: - issues with the bike continue..... heart 1
Fussen - success at the bike shop heart 1


We are in the Alps: ...beautiful ride except for the part after Reutte heart 5
Over the Fern Pass: ...a better day heart 1

Italy: Etsch (Adige) Route

Landeck to Reschen Pass: - we are in Italy heart 1
Sometimes Turning Around is the Best Kind of Day heart 1
A Glorious All Day Downhill Ride through Miles and Miles of Apples heart 2
Another Blissful Day of Riding Downhill: surrounded by apples, apples and more apples heart 1
A Rainy Rest Day Outside of Bolzano heart 2
Bolzano-A Quick Detour turned into a wonderful afternoon heart 1
Trying Agritourism - Val d'Adige B&B near Trento heart 1
A Beautiful Day of Cycling, Roscalfor to Breitbach: Camping at another Agritourism heart 1
From Camping in a Vineyard to a Hotel in Verona heart 1
"The Bottom Bracket Blues": Kindness of Strangers-Lost and Confused in San Martino heart 1
A Day at the Verona International Bike Show heart 1
A Slow but Eventful Departure from Verona heart 1

Italy: On to more rivers: Mincio, Po....

Camping at one of the "Most Beautiful Villages in Italy" heart 1
A wet, windy night of relentless thunder and lightning: On to Mantova, we think heart 1
More (mis)adventures with Seavob: -a burst rear tire and on to Revere heart 1
An early stop at Agriturismo Corte Nigella: Heat and humidity made us throw in the towel heart 1
A Night at the Horse Farm and on to Ferrara: Another Flat Tire heart 1
Ferrara - Riding Around Looking for Bike Tires heart 1
Ferrara-we couldn't resist another day heart 1
On our way to Ravenna We Stop in Portamaggiore: You never know what the day will bring! heart 3
From Portomaggiore to an Agriturismo Outside of Ravenna: Meeting New Friends Along the Way heart 1
A Short Ride to Ravenna heart 1
Sightseeing in Ravenna: Exceptional mosaics....mosaics....and more mosaics heart 1
Another Few Days in Ravenna heart 1

A change of plan - we are going to Rome: via Reitsma's Route naar Rome

Leaving Ravenna and Heading to Rome heart 1
Cesenatico to Torre Pedrera by way of Santarcangelo: - more festivals: a Fiera and a Children's Fitness Festival heart 1
We Visit One of Italy's Great Cyclist's Hometown and Camp on the Adriatic Sea heart 1
From the coast to the beginning of the hills, Novafeltria: A great ride on a bike path following Marrecchia River heart 1
Staying in Novafeltria at Hotel Magda: Solving a bike problem heart 1
To Badia Tedalda - a day of climbing in the Apennines heart 1
A cold ride up and over Valico di Viamaggio, 1050 metres: a memorable adventure spiced with rain, fog, wind and mist. heart 1
A day in Sansepolcro: - an historic, charming town heart 1
To Umbertide: A stormy day heart 1
To Assisi -through picturesque Umbria on rough roads: -olive groves, tobacco fields, castles.... heart 1
A day in Assisi heart 1
Assisi to Bevagna - discovering an unexpected gem heart 1
Climbing all day - we must be in the Apennines of Umbria heart 1
Heavy Rain,Thunder and Lightning- We decide to stay another day on the farm heart 1
Massa Martana to Otricoli: A Spectacular Day of Riding heart 1
Trucks, Traffic , Monster Hills: Our Last Day of Riding heart 1
Staying close to Rome for a While heart 1
We Explore the Other Direction on Lake Bracciano heart 1
A Day in Rome heart 1
On to Siena-in the Heart of Tuscany: The magic of Italy is back - we love it here heart 1
Sightseeing in Siena: The Unique and Beautiful Duomo heart 1
Siena - What a Wonderful City to Explore heart 1
Heading to Pisa heart 1
In Pisa Before Our Flight to Frankfurt heart 1
Our Last Day in Pisa heart 1
Flying Back to Germany heart 1
Celebrating Cora's birthday at the Wildlife Park, Hessen Forest heart 1
A Fall Ride with Georg and Cora heart 1
A Day Trip to Frankfurt heart 1
German pottery expedition heart 1
A Visit to a German Camera Factory heart 2
Our Last Visit to Limburg heart 1
We Fly Home to Saltspring Island heart 1