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The Bartletts Bike the Baltics

Holland to Sweden by Recumbent E-Tandem

By Barry Bartlett & Mary Ellen Bartlett
3,538 km (2,197 miles) over 90 days between Apr. 17, 2019 and Jul. 15, 2019
Planning and prepping for our next European adventure heart 8
It’s Travel day...Saltspring Island Canada to Germany heart 7


Picking up our tandem at the bike shop near Frankfurt heart 36
A wonderful ride to our favourite bakery heart 39
A lazy day on the farm heart 17
One more ride in Hessen heart 9
Our adventure begins heart 25


Rees, Germany to Bronkhorst, Holland heart 35
Bronkhorst to Winterswijk heart 27
Winterswijk - we will stay a second night heart 25
What a day! heart 53


To Muenster we will go.... heart 25
....and in Muenster we will stay heart 40
“Tag der Arbeit”, May 1 - a crazy day to ride a bike in Germany heart 19
Gutersloh - a place of friendly people heart 16
We have hit the hills heart 42
Back to the Weser River heart 48
Holzminden to Einbeck heart 25
Einbeck to Seesen heart 20
A day to remember heart 13
Two more Unesco medieval cities heart 15
Quedlinburg to Bernburg heart 27
On to Dessau heart 10
A rough day heart 25
A rest day in Lutherstadt Wittenburg heart 10
We have found someone to fix our bike heart 18
Seavo has an amazing day with Rolf and Christopher heart 25
Seavo is powered up and raring to go heart 17
Visiting our friend Karin in Fitchenwalde heart 8
Exploring places around Karin’s home heart 6
We go to the See heart 5
A lazy day of planning and visiting in sunny Fitchenwalde heart 7
On the road again heart 32
Berlin to Buckow heart 41


On to Poland heart 46
A great day of riding in Poland heart 14
Off the beaten track in rural Poland to Drezdenko heart 19
Travelling is all about the unexpected heart 29
A short day to Pila heart 27
Packed and riding out of Pila, but..... heart 37
A rainy day and no place to stay heart 9
Greetings from Bagdad heart 22
A wonderful ride to Chelmno, an off the grid gem heart 17
A bumpy and flooded route to Kwidzyn heart 39
Kwidzyn to Malbork heart 20
An amazing day at Marlbork Castle heart 28
A really hard day of riding heart 23
Two Days in Gdansk heart 41
Heading out of Gdansk heart 22
From Sopot to Sweden heart 29


We are in Sweden heart 8
A busy rest day in Karlskrona heart 11
A windy ride through the Swedish countryside heart 9
Charming villages along the Baltic Sea heart 29
A day of meeting wonderful people heart 23
Riding along the Baltic Seashore heart 33
A perfect day of riding heart 23
Today is graduation day for Swedish high school kids heart 12
The spontaneity of travel heart 9


We’re back in Germany heart 12
Travemunde to Lubeck heart 20
Lovely Lubeck heart 18
After many years, we have returned to complete the Elbe River heart 11
Bleckede heart 6
A beautiful ride on the Elbe River heart 7
The Elbe Biosphere is Paradise heart 11
Saying farewell to the Stork colony in Ruhstadt heart 10
Rest day in Tangermunde heart 6
To Magdeburg heart 8
To Barby heart 4
Three ferry rides on the Elbe heart 7
A Hot Ride to Torgau heart 4
Torgau heart 14
A lucky day in Torgau heart 16
Kreinitz to Dresden heart 32
Dresden heart 10
Back to Bamberg, the land of great beer heart 5
Eltmann to Bergrheinfeld heart 5
Across country to Wurzburg heart 18
A couple of days in Wurzburg heart 9
We’ve come full circle heart 3
A Special Evening of Music and Food at the Monastery heart 3
A special night of classical music in the Weilburg Palace heart 2
A few days on the Reitz farm heart 2
We're on our way back to Canada heart 2