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April 22, 2019

A lazy day on the farm

Today is Easter Monday and the end of a 4 day weekend.  It has been great to be here when the family has been at home for an extended time....Georg not having to commute for work to Bonn by bike and train, Clara home from university. 

Jet lag is behind us and we are nicely settled in to life on the Reitz farm and the familiarity that we have been privileged to share of  life in Germany. We have had great rides in the Westerwald region, eaten lots of cake and chocolate and now it is time for a lazy day! Plus, we need to finish our packing and do some jobs on the bike as we plan to head out Wednesday and begin our tour.

Cora prepared a tasty favourite meal for us with 3 types of sausages and boiled potatoes with Green Sauce. Yum.

The Green Sauce is traditionally served at Easter.
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Yes, it is as good as it looks - the two large sausages are fine and coarse and the small ones are Nurnburger sausages. The Green Sauce originated from Frankfurt and is filled with spring herbs, eggs, etc.
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Georg’s beloved and most impressive antenna for his ham radio hobby occupies a place of honour near the house. This antenna gives him great range in communicating with fellow enthusiasts around the world. Being an expert Morse code communicator, language is never a barrier for him.

The antenna shares its space with the “girls” (sheep) in the field behind the house.
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We have grown very fond of the beauty in this region of Germany and enjoy seeing this view from their windows.
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Indeed, a friend can be made with such a simple thing as a head scratch.
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After Barry made a connection, this sheep followed him around wanting more.
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