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Rejuvenation? Or Last Hurrah?

Which it may be remains to be seen, "presently"

By Keith Adams
181 miles (291 km) over 5 days since Jul. 2, 2022


With thanks heart 4
What will you do when you retire? heart 9
Summer and Autumn, 2021 heart 7
Angst about burnout heart 9
Route planning heart 9
Projected itinerary heart 2
The hazards of (over)planning - AMENDED heart 1
Advice from someone who's done it heart 3
GO time is drawing nearer heart 3

The Tour Itself

A perfect day in Portland heart 3
Getting everything back together heart 12
Out of the cocoon of family heart 6
0702 - Hitting the road heart 11
0703 - Harder than I thought it would be heart 34
0704 - Whee! Whoops. heart 34
0705 - Plodding+ heart 6

Preparatory rides

Notes from a local ride heart 5
A quick note heart 2
Ageism heart 5
Holiday card delivery heart 3
Born under a lucky star heart 5
And that's a wrap heart 6
A story that doesn't need to be told heart 2
A short loop around town heart 3
Just another local ride heart 2
I heard voices today heart 2
There's work to be done heart 3
What a great day to ride heart 2
Unnerving, or at least unsettling heart 1
A shortened ride heart 1
My best ride so far heart 2
Spring is almost here heart 4
Humming along nicely heart 1
I rode a marathon today... heart 4
Pride is a dangerous thing heart 5
Off to Florida heart 3
Two days, one night heart 20
Post-maintenance check ride heart 3
Simple and sweet heart 6
From Teddy's toward George's heart 1
Last big training push... heart 2
Tooling around heart 2

Spinning - occupying my mind while my legs, lungs, and heart are otherwise engaged

Spin delirium heart 4
Spinning haiku heart 1
If I were an engine heart 5
Zen heart 2

Appendices and Miscellaney

Technicality heart 3
Gear list heart 10
Packing the kitchen sink (and everything else) heart 2
The most sought-after real estate on my bike heart 5
Charge it! heart 5
The best money I've spent in a while heart 2
This may get ugly heart 5
Pre-departure testing checklist heart 3
My home away from home heart 7
Daily mileage chart - a How-to heart 1
Showing the drivetrain some love heart 4
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