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The Road to Rome, Part Two: Europe

By Scott Anderson & Rachael Anderson
2,727 miles (4,389 km) over 91 days between Aug. 10, 2021 and Nov. 8, 2021

Shifting gears

Now what was the plan again? heart 14
Given what we know now heart 9
Got those preflight jitters heart 9
Our Tour of Flanders heart 14
Leaving the Hartland heart 19
Hartford heart 36
Good so far heart 15
In Schipol heart 21


In Antwerp: a first look heart 70
In Antwerp: the Nete Canal heart 50
In Antwerp: Friday the 13th heart 18
In Antwerp: to Hulst and back heart 57
In Antwerp: Three River Ramble heart 73
In Antwerp: the Kalmthout loop heart 51
To Hasselt heart 48
In Hasselt: day ride to Sant-Truiden heart 49
In Hasselt (a photo gallery) heart 54


To Viljen heart 67


To Monschau heart 65
In Monschau (a photo gallery) heart 71
To Fleringen heart 69
To Prüm, and beyond heart 66
To Trier heart 70
In Trier: a first look heart 40
In Trier: Look again heart 64
To Bernkastel heart 77
In Bernkastel (a photo gallery) heart 25
To Mesenich heart 46
On the Lellmann Heritage Trail heart 56
To Koblenz heart 59
To Boppard heart 37
Boppard (a photo gallery) heart 39
To Bacharach heart 44
To Oppenheim heart 29
To Heidelberg heart 67
To Mosbach heart 54
In Mosbach: hiking the Hamburg loop heart 33
To Bürgstadt heart 68
To Tauberbischofsheim heart 49
To Rothenburg ob der Tauber heart 49
In Rothenburg ob der Tauber (a photo gallery) heart 74
To Dinkelsbuhl heart 66
In Dinkelsbuhl (a photo gallery) heart 34
To Harburg heart 28
To Augsburg heart 39
To Starnberg, with a stop in Gauting heart 42
Celebrating in Starnberg heart 32
To Bad Aibling heart 43
To Grabenstätt heart 40


To Salzburg heart 56
To Sankt Gilgen heart 47
In Sankt Gilgen (a photo gallery) heart 35
In Sankt Gilgen: the hike to Schafberg heart 92
To Gmunden heart 55
To Mondsee heart 44
Return to Salzburg heart 52
In Salzburg: a day ride to the Königssee heart 62
Moving on from Salzburg heart 10
To Werfen heart 67
To Dorfgastein heart 72
To Mühldorf heart 97
To Villach heart 79


To Kranjska Gora heart 80
In Kranjska Gora: a hike in the national park heart 89
In Kranjska Gora: to Bled and back heart 70


To Tarvisio heart 54
To Gemona del Friuli heart 87
To Maniago heart 76
To Conegliano heart 83
In Conegliano (a photo gallery) heart 25
To Bassano del Grappa heart 66
In Asolo and Bassano del Grappa (a photo gallery) heart 16
To Borgo Valsugana heart 74
To Trento heart 42
In Trento: hiking into the hills heart 116
In Trento: Here’s that rainy day heart 39
To Crema heart 63
In Crema: a loop to the south heart 31
In Crema: A loop to the north heart 45
To Pavia heart 54
To Tortona heart 28
To Acqui Terme heart 87
In Acqui Terme: a hike, and a bike and hike heart 82
To Alba heart 75
In Alba (a photo gallery) heart 12
To Saluzzo heart 41
In Saluzzo: the Airasca to Moretta cycle path heart 97
To Cuneo heart 56
In Cuneo: the southeast loop heart 59
In Cuneo: hiking in a chestnut forest heart 110
In Cuneo: the northeast loop heart 76
In Cuneo (a photo album) heart 87
In Cuneo: the north loop heart 36
To San Stefano al Mare heart 40
To Albegna heart 47
In Albegna (a photo gallery) heart 22
To Arenzano heart 67
To Viareggio heart 61
To Rosignano Solvay heart 58
To Portoferraio (Elba) heart 54
In Portoferraio: Western Elba heart 90
In Portoferraio: Eastern Elba heart 74
In Portoferraio: one last bike and hike heart 52
In Portoferraio (a photo gallery) heart 63
In Portoferraio: dodging the rain heart 60
To Rome heart 34
In Rome: Carpe Diem (soleggiato) heart 53
In Rome: Carpe Diem (piovoso) heart 33
To Viterbo heart 57
In Viterbo: the Tuscania loop heart 50
In Viterbo: climbing Monte Palanzana heart 67
In Viterbo (a photo gallery) heart 23
To Fiumicino heart 19
Back to PDX: one last tale for the tour heart 16
What has been, and what will be heart 14
In Oppenheim: the Katarinenkirche heart 10