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Skipping About the Continent

A Near-year Indulgence in European Cycling, Cuisine and Culture

By Susan Carpenter
1,091 miles (1,756 km) over 77 days since Mar. 8, 2022
Motivation and General Plan heart 14
Long Stay Visa - Part I heart 8
Long Stay Visa - Part II heart 16
Winding Down to the Grand Départ heart 88

Paris - Round I

To Paris heart 14
RICE-ing in Paris heart 20
Listen to Your Body heart 19
Short Walks in the Hood heart 82
Progress and a Plan heart 83
A Rainy Week in Paris heart 38
Ready or Not heart 83

Italy - Easing my Foot into the Boot

Naples heart 66
Taranto heart 70
To San Pietro In Bevagna heart 99
To Gallipoli heart 121
To Santa Maria di Leuca heart 99
A Day in Santa Maria di Leuca heart 71
Leuca Loop Ride heart 87
To Otranto heart 122
To Lecce heart 47
In Lecce heart 52
To Ostuni heart 98
To/In Alberobello heart 124
To Matera heart 81
In Matera heart 91
To Gravina in Puglia heart 83
In Gravina in Puglia heart 87
To Castel del Monte heart 62
Day Ride in Alta Murgia National Park heart 99
To Trani heart 105
To Foggia heart 45
To Naples heart 20
Pompeii heart 29
Puglia: Cycling, Cuisine and Culture heart 28

Paris - Round II

Return to Paris heart 41
May Day in Paris heart 84
Idling in Paris heart 59

France - Regional Parks and Burgundy Rendezvous

Blazing Toward Burgundy heart 41
To Feuillade heart 90
To La Coquille heart 59
To Masserat heart 114
To Meymac heart 97
To Savennes heart 76
To Les Quatre Routes heart 154
To Puy-Guillaume heart 73
To Tréteau heart 111
To Cronat heart 87
To Autun heart 77
To Nolay heart 97
To Beaune heart 65
A day in Beaune heart 28
To Dijon heart 105
Dijon Loop Ride heart 43
To Pouilly-en-Auxois+ heart 78
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