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May 19, 2022

A day in Beaune

A day off the bike, a day with new friends Yeah!

 The big event today was lunch with Cycle Blazer Keith Klein and his wife Susan, who live outside of Dijon. But first on the agenda was laundry. I cycled over to Scott and Rachael’s who had offered me the use of their studio washing machine. I located their apartment by name on RWGPS headed over with my goods, wondering why they had booked lodging almost a mile out of town. Well it turns out they didn’t – my directions had led me to an intersection nowhere near their apartment. After a couple of  phone calls to get me sorted out, I made my way back to last night’s restaurant where Scott flagged me down and sent me in Rachel’s direction while he headed off for a walk around town. Rachael was waiting just a few blocks away, ready to leave for a morning hike after getting me situated with the washer. But we couldn’t stop yakking – about anything and everything – it was so wonderful to just hang out with a kindred spirit. It was only after the washing was finished and the clothes hung out to dry that Racheal left for her walk and I returned to my Beaune home to catch up on the journal and get ready for lunch.

Keith had arranged a lunch at a wonderful Beaune restaurant located in a former wine cellar, situated a floor below street level with stone walls and a curved stone roof. It was an elegant setting for fine wine and great food, heartwarming stories and lively conversations. We learned all sorts of interesting things about each other, such as that Janos had hand built  a small sailboat that he sailed around Greece. Or that Keith and I spent our careers in related academic fields and had mutual colleagues. We lingered long after the plates were cleared, but left knowing that we’ll be stopping by Keith and Susan’s place on the way to Dijon tomorrow.

I retreated to my apartment after lunch to relax, journal, and do some errands before meeting Suzanne, Rachael and Scott for a light dinner at the bistro across the street. Scott and Rachael came bearing laundry, and we enjoyed another fine meal among friends. I must say, after almost two weeks of dining alone, it is sheer delight to share meals with such a great group of folks. At home after dinner, I discovered my bike shorts were not in the pile of returned laundry, nor, I later learned were a shirt and a sock that had been left in the washer. Scott graciously offered to bike over with the escaped articles of clothing. Thanking him profusely, I felt a bit like a child who needs looking after.

I find it fascinating to meet people who you only know through their online journals or comments. You have formed a sense of that person and sometimes, based on comments/replies in your journal, you feel personally connected, even in the absence of direct contact through phone or email, let alone in person. It is so rewarding when the real-life connections exceed your expectations. I’m looking forward to the wonderful week to come.

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Suzanne GibsonWonderful informal group picture, Susan!
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2 months ago
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Scott AndersonGreat shot. This one’s going in our family album.
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Heroically braving the cobbles to deliver lost laundry
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