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Three, Two, One....Tour 7317
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Reaching New Heights 2720
Back to Beginnings 563
Bridging the Gap 1514
Stress-free Cycling the French Countryside 1281
Midwest Spring Flings 103
A Patagonia Adventure 263
Melo Vélo Meanderings 449


My first bike tour was in the summer of 1972, a 5 day loop around central Ohio with my college roommate.  We took off without much thought - our "gear list" included mosquito head nets from the Columbus Army Surplus store, a down sleeping bag purchased through the Whole Earth Catalogue, and a tube tent borrowed from a skeptical friend the night before we left.  It was 37 years before my next tour, a self-guided trip through Burgundy that thoroughly hooked me on the joys of bike travel.  

Following my awakening, I enjoyed a number of guided, self-guided and self-contained tours - most lasting a few days and none more than a two weeks.  On retiring, my touring goals became more ambitious and I completed my first extended, mostly solo, self-contained tour around France in 2018, chronicled here.  I continue my love affair with cycling and touring in nearby and far-away places, documenting these escapades here and @scarp51 on Instagram.

I very much enjoy the knowledge, support and camaraderie of the Cycle Blaze community – thank you all! 

Christmas Day in Angkor Wat, 2016