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June 26, 2022

Brežice Castle (a photo gallery)

I am a fan of frescoes so when I read that the Knight’s Hall in Brežice Castle had a pretty amazing display of frescoes I included Brežice as an overnight stop on my tour of Slovenia. Similar to many fortifications whose history dates back to the 13th century, Brežice Castle has a long and storied history, which I won’t recount in detail here. The event critical to this post is the 1694 purchase of the castle by Count Ignatz Maria Attems, a fancier of baroque art who had the interior walls painted by local artists to depict scenes from Greek and Roman Mythology. 

In addition to those frescoes in the Knight’s Hall, the frescoes in the Chapel of Saint Cross have a more religious flavor with scenes linking the four elements (earth, fire, air, and water) with four evangelists (Luke,  Mark, John, and Matthew).

Since 1949, the castle has also been home to the Lower Sava Valley Museum, with a focus on the history and people of the region. Interestingly, the displays throughout the Museum echoed the frescoes in the Chapel of St. Cross insofar as they emphasized the importance of each of the four elements in the archeological and cultural development of the Lower Sava Valley.

 I only provide a sampling of the frescoes, mostly wide shots to try to demonstrate how expansive they are. If you are a fan of frescoes and find yourself in Slovenia, you might consider a stop in Brežice.

The Brežice Castle
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The first frescoes I encountered were in the wide staircase between the ground and upper level of the castle
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On the staircase landing
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Stairwell ceiling and opposite wall than that shown above
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In the Chapel of St. Cross
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The frescoes linking the four earth elements with the evangelists are located at the four corners of the Chapel of St. Cross. Here is the evangelist Luke with the Ox, representing Earth
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Mark with the Lion, representing Fire
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John with the Eagle, representing Air
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Matthew with the Angel, representing Water
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The Knight's Hall, which is currently used for concerts and other events such as weddings.
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The Knight's Hall, from the opposite end of the room - trying to show more of ceiling
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The Knight's Hall, attempting to show more of the wall frescoes
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There was a group of cyclists on a guided tour of the Museum. The bikes were parked in the inner courtyard, but I only spotted glimpses of the cyclists as they passed through Knight's Hall
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Kathleen JonesThanks for the trike in the photo!
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11 months ago
And so ends my brief photo tour of Brežice Castle. Though not included here, I did find the Museum exhibits to be quite interesting
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