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An Italian Spring, 2023

By Scott Anderson & Rachael Anderson
1,870 miles (3,009 km) over 91 days between Mar. 15, 2023 and Jun. 13, 2023


Two months out heart 18
Single digits heart 24
Short cuts heart 73
Springing ahead heart 62


To Palermo heart 84
In Palermo heart 114
Monte Pellegrino heart 125
Monreale heart 107
Monreale Cathedral heart 71
Castellammare del Golfo heart 91
To Salemi heart 204
In Salemi heart 38
Salemi (a photo gallery) heart 101
To Mazara del Vallo heart 107
In Mazara del Vallo heart 133
To Sciacca heart 98
In Sciacca heart 124
A hopefully brief time out heart 143
To San Leone heart 96
To Licata heart 79
Another hopefully brief time out heart 25
To Caltagirone heart 109
In Caltagirone: day ride to Grammichele heart 75
In Caltagirone: a slight change in plans heart 56
To Ragusa heart 110
To Siracusa heart 146
In Siracusa (a photo gallery) heart 85


To Scalea heart 73
In Scalea (a photo gallery) heart 112
A hike, and a consultation heart 89
To Taranto heart 74
To Manduria heart 132
In Manduria: Oria loop heart 134
To Porto Cesareo & Galatina heart 125
In Galatina: Rachael’s walk in the countryside heart 57
In Galatina: in the city heart 114
In Galatina: the Basilica heart 52
To Santa Maria di Leuca heart 67
In Santa Maria di Leuca heart 106
Otranto heart 95
To Lecce heart 87
In Lecce (a photo gallery) heart 91
Mesagne heart 74
To Grottaglie heart 87
In Grottaglie: our luck with the weather runs out heart 127
To Massafra heart 142
In Massafra heart 68
In Grottaglie (a photo gallery) heart 69
Santeramo in Colle heart 136
To Gravina in Puglia heart 123
In Gravina heart 160
To Minervino Murge heart 146
In Minervino Murge: third time’s a curse heart 9
In Minervino Murge: day 2 heart 67
To Margherita di Savoia heart 96
To Manfredonia: an interim report heart 39
To Manfredonia: the ride heart 95
In Manfredonia: bikeabit heart 58
In Manfredonia: hikealot heart 68
To Mattinata heart 116
In Mattinata, day one heart 127
In Mattinata, day two heart 110
Back to Manfredonia heart 90
San Severo heart 110
Lesina heart 94
To Termoli heart 92
In Termoli (a photo gallery) heart 82
In Termoli: Molise OAB heart 96
In Termoli: Due Giros d’Italia heart 95

The North

To Pesaro heart 49
Termoli and Pesaro hikes heart 36
In Pesaro: Monte San Bartolo OAB heart 59
In Pesaro: Fano loop heart 49
Fano (a photo gallery) heart 28
In Pesaro: Gradara loop heart 53
Hikes in Pesaro heart 4
Pesaro (a photo gallery) heart 39
To Comacchio heart 124
In Comacchio: the twice around heart 92
To Ferrara heart 71
In Ferrara: watching the rain heart 61
In Ferrara: Walking the walls heart 42
In Ferrara: along the Po heart 58
To Montagnana heart 111
In Montagnana heart 96
To Verona heart 42
In Verona heart 85
To Garda heart 87
In Garda: climbing Monte Luppia heart 87
To Mantua heart 104
Casalmaggiore heart 54
To Cremona heart 70
In Cremona heart 65
To Crema heart 69
To Clusane d’Iseo heart 58
Rachael’s Hike in Clusane heart 9
Up Lake Iseo heart 79
To Brescia heart 49
A placeholder in Brescia heart 35
To Peschiera del Garda heart 67
Working out in Brescia heart 34
To Avio heart 64
In Avio (a photo gallery) heart 66
To Trento heart 23
In Trento: the Rovereto ride heart 76
To Borgo Valsugana heart 133
To Bassano del Grappa heart 84
About our flight heart 20
In Bassano: Valstagna OAB heart 46
The Good, the Bad but not Ugly Hike in Bassano heart 2
To Padua heart 70
To Bologna heart 46
In Bologna heart 27
Hike in Bologna heart 4
America again heart 19
Slideshow heart 1