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Six wheels through Japan

By Barry Bartlett
1,373 km (853 miles) over 49 days since Apr. 16, 2023
Raring to go! heart 20
The Logistics of Cycling in Japan heart 6
What’s the Plan? heart 4
…and why Japan? heart 8
Getting to the airport heart 14
Flying to Japan heart 17
What a difference a day makes heart 60
It’s Day 2 in Japan and All I Want is a New Front Tooth 🦷 heart 106
A Lazy Day and a visit to Osaka Castle heart 95
The trikes are almost ready heart 30
A Magical Saturday in Osaka 🚴🚴🏼‍♀️ heart 57
Osaka on a hot sunny day…back to the Castle heart 49
Organizing, exploring and great food heart 44
The Trikes are Ready! heart 25
Riding through Osaka to catch a ferry heart 37
We are on Kyushu With a Problem heart 35
Hanging Around Sakurajima heart 36
Golden Week heart 26
The legend of Steve Bauer is alive and well in Japan heart 31
Kagoshima to Hioki heart 13
Our best day ever…the South China Sea heart 18
Beaches, a Museum and a Japanese Inn heart 15
Heavy rain, a crash…we’ll retreat back to the Minshuku heart 29
We have a plan heart 17
Weather keeps us in Izumi heart 11
A monster climb and a blood sucking leech heart 56
Life is good…from Onsen to Onsen heart 16
Met fellow Canadians in a Ryokan heart 52
Kobayashi to Aya heart 54
A Restorative Stay in Aya and on to Miyazaki heart 56
Overnight ferry to Kobe heart 9
Hanging out in Kobe heart 50
Another day in Kobe heart 24
Kobe to Osaka by sidewalk heart 9
Back in Osaka on a “Motor Mission” heart 16
A bike route of Osaka’s highlights and hidden gems heart 46
Day 2 of our trike tour of Osaka heart 28
Shimano Bicycle Museum heart 37
Bikes, a bakery and animals at the Castle heart 64
A Special Recumbent Gathering heart 28
Waiting for new cycle computers to arrive heart 21
A nightmare ride to Kyoto heart 8
Staying in Arashiyama heart 81
Another day in Kyoto heart 29
Riding to Lake Biwa heart 31
The Lake Biwa Ichi Cycling Route heart 36
A Day of There and Back heart 45
A rain delay in Nagahama+ heart 7
Heading to the northern tip of Lake Biwa, a special day+ heart 50
Another great day of riding along Lake Biwa+ heart 9
Change of plan….heading north to Tsuruga+ heart 42
+Updated within 1 day
Updated within 7 days